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After finishing the Uni, the plan had been to move either to Switzerland or Norway. How did it go and Why so?

In terms of life quality and moneywise (also when no skills) it can´t get any better in Europe except living in Norway/Switzerland. On top of that, it is part of the well-planned plan on the verge of becoming fully in charge of your time to train and eat with no obstacles to achieve maximal potential within effective fitness, have enough resources to travel to keep it fun and lots of free time dedicated to new skills development and passive incomes to make this lifestyle attainable. Considering the current world economic situation it is also a rational choice to live in high income countries to be well off in these chaotic times while building your financial portfolio at discount prices.

Let´s get back to life in Norway, tips on travel, food budget and more whereas we can discuss finances and the rest in other posts.

Norway is massive. You either live on the mainland/offshore or behind the Arctic circle. Both options will effect your life tremendously like prices, weather and sun exposure. The location of my placement is behind Arctic circle on a small island which means the conditions are rather harsh. Although, it keeps the mind more goal-oriented. The more to the north, the less sun exposures in winter and more of it in the summer. The weather is rather more rainy or snowy on the islands.

Not to do much here on the island but free ferries in the northern parts of Norway with complete list here. The best place to start discovering free ferries is from Bodø where you can find a place to sleep from 50€ and more per head. I would recommend airbnb for that purpose in price comparison with booking and also the comfort. There is also an airport so easily accessible, although there are no trains going further north so buses , ferries or flights would be the option if not thinking of hiring a car. The best time would be from November onwards to see the northern lights/aurora or summer if cold is your issue. Thanks to Gulf stream the winters are rather mild.

You might end up paying for the ferry to get to the place where free ferry sets off such as from Bodø to Sørarnøy from where you can get a free one to Horsdal and go to Sandhornet for a view. Living on the island made the budget for food different from the one on mainland where mainland proved to be less expensive. You can review the prices bellow. As new to Norway, some of the things came to my attention like 24/7 fully self-assisted shop where using credit card to enter and using a finger tip for purchasing goods for adults. Also, alcohol is available within certain hours where you can forget about buying it on Sundays and as to spiritus only at one place in whole town. This wasn´t rather new as same experience was in Iceland.

One of the goals is definitely visit every country there is as well as seeing some phenomena like polar lights. Plus, discovered some plant that is unknown to me but for sure has been discovered but still havent figured out what is it. It lives on the logs and it moves (prolongs or shrinks). If you know it would appreciate your piece of wisdom.

What else? No proper gym but doing great at maintaining fitness with this tricks in upcoming post. As planning to stay for one last year, then moving somewhere fully living from the savings, investments and side hustles in order to have only priority training for competitions. There are some purchases for the equipment that has been considered.

What was very fond of was watching the sunsets and change of the seasons and also massive tides up to 2 meters which was extremes for me. It was probably first time seeing snowy beach too while also seeing volcanic beach in Canaries.

More effective eating (more adjusted to to go eat + not causing a headache neither takes time nor craves finances .. touch on food budget post + new food -yoghurt (those who have been around here for a while knows that I eat the same meals). Basically, what got changed over the years is the amount of same foods whereas it got decreased and supplemented with other foods to keep it rich. The new foodie got implemented which is totally goal-oriented, affordable and tasty to keep it more fun. All, it takes is natural/Greek yoghurt with protein of your preferred flavor, oats and blueberries.

Once being placed in Norway, you might end up eating lots of fresh fish as you do not need permission to catch it and Norway is afterall leading fishing nation. Lastly, there are bunkers from Second World War all over the country and mushrooms all over the nature where many eatable that could spice up your eating patterns.

I hear quite a lot about Norway being too expensive which is right but you can always maintain the budget well bellow 300€ in all expensive countries in Europe if you follow the tips. The only tricky part for me is when moving from places, especially with my new experience in Antalya, Turkey but that for some other time. Remember, you can always pack some fruit with nuts which will keep you well-saturated, on target and is also easily portable.

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