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Bayern, Germany

A great spot to get you going. Especially, when stuck in the middle of nowhere where still environment and fresh air clears your mind wholly. This post is a journey changer and only time decides how it all unwraps. It is not going to take much of your time, yet displays a thing or two about what is coming.

First thing first, a little bit about this magical stay while reflecting slightly on last post. After that, the process planning is going to be ingrained in you (from effective fitness to complete athlete).

Speaking of the place, one needs to realize the times we are living in (corona time). Going for a place far away from everything while also putting thoughts together about next steps. These times have been slowly taking all my distractions away from me and on the other hand, strengthening the focus on the process. Thus, spent more time wandering in nature (jogging or biking to do it efficiently) and training more as well, of course.

This post is not really a prelude to incoming posts RUN (EFFECTIVE) and COMPLETE ATHLETE (EFFECTIVE), yet it underlines the importance of stepping up. During outset of covid_19, eating and training discipline grew profoundly as well a the amount of free time. The trigger was definitely more free time due to restrictions and being disappointed from having no control over the situation that affected everything you do (travel, train and socialize).

In the last post, there was mentioned that, nuts are ideal for travel plus visit in burger king with no menu just burger following kale shows the discipline and process enjoying or just getting some meat and calories quickly without cooking and spending much resources. No matter what situation as long as you got a lunch box you can always transport your green veggies while peanuts in the pack are easily transportable as well. When M1 a M2 are covered, the third one is to be enjoyed, right?

However, grew fond of cheese cake and almost completely dumped fried and processed meals and this drags on for pretty long even, when there are exceptions but those days you can count on one or two hands in a year. You know your best decision is to keep your third M3 as nutrients rich as possible. Back to last post, would also add that mushrooms are great choice for spicing up your M3 while also building strong immunity.

One of the other excellent decisions you can make is trying exotic fruits for their taste is completely unusual and their rich nutrients profile. Goji used on daily bases for many years for their are great cancer killer and nutrients rich as well, while also abundant in melatonin (put you to sleep) – eat it in the evening.

Being a student and also seeking constant progress in the training and been training for 7 years is pretty challenging for it needs better preparation, more resources and faster regeneration. A great tip for students to spend summer working is definitely going for Germany as there is lots of work and you get 10% off your salary in terms of tax.

This post is a journey changer because the longer you are on your path the more sense it makes. When in Germany, was struggling with training and running but that could be said about the whole year but things like fresh blueberries made me run all the distance to get them and time spent in nature was spent training mostly. On top of that, spent more time without gym this year than with it and most of the races got canceled, yet managed to qualify for Europe Championships in spartan race.

Also, only got access to one shop and found flavored candles so you started again setting the ideal environment before sleep to get most out of regeneration. Although, the bigger are better for the small ones (tea candles) are not economical you need most of it to cover the room with aroma (used before or after hard training not everyday).

Lastly, it is already November and spent only three months training at gym which is sad and now another lock down. What got started working on since my stay in Germany is utilizing your strength growth outside of gym so that, you do not lag behind once gym open and effective running methods for anyone either competing or not willing to spend much time running, aside from complete athlete (effective) which is progression to effective fitness.

It is also relevant to mention, there are more efficient solutions to approach your training, life and eating process since have been working on complete athlete. For example, in the previous post one could discover how can eating with meal preparations cost you 1 hour a day with great results and very enjoying it. Find more here:

As to resources, I am going to share with you in right time, the possibilities you have got to expand your income while staying flexible for flexible schedules are must when becoming athlete due to time consumption. Stay well and strong by then.


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