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Once you become disciplined and smart about your training and nutrition, you not only reach your fitness goals but also earn more free time in return. Beside that, being fit and progressive about your training, brings lots of energy and strength that must be put to some use (productive preferably).

Travel is definitely top of the list as it is more than passion for it brings lots of positivity and memorable experience. However, being often on the roads, endanger what you have been working so hard for as holidays nor short trips are excuse – do what it takes and get the job done.

The sooner you build this mindset, the better. It reminds me how I used to ask myself “how much harder do I need to work to reach the goals?” instead of “how smarter.” Realizing that, you cannot cheat your body, gives you more sense of appreciation for small things and commitment – just do what it takes.

There are situations when your top priorities are macros and money – ending up in Burger king (first time this year). Failing in life or doing things not right – always see the positivity in it. Burger king is a brand that offers the same meals everywhere, the prices are pretty much the same.

You knew what would you have gotten, the price is affordable and there are actually lot of fats (unhealthy but fat is your main source of energy). To save the day, you order extra bacon in it to stack up on the fats like it changes anything 😀 Overall, it was very good trip even though, the flights were early morning 6 A.M. and one nasty delay over 2 hours.

Sleep deprivation leads to “eat more junk” cravings. What you quickly realized is, how much you appreciate what you do and how much better is real food. It is also a good marketing to place the Burger king somewhere close to arrival hall, especially when breakfast time. Never mind, shit happens. There is a saying “what does not kill you, makes you stronger.”

Those who have been through first Travel blog posts, we touched on how important location of your stay is. This time we are in Berlin and there is competition going on which only stress the importance to be fully prepared to commit to your best possibilities.

Using mostly the app “booking” where you book two places and you become a loyal customer which gives you 10% discount, and you can even top that with more bookings throughout the year (current plan). The place of stay was called “Villa Berlin” which is actual house close to Tegel airport – very cheap deals from Cracow or other airports when flying with Ryanair.

The place got many bad reviews, to me it seems like it was related to ancient times for the place was clean and staff friendly (45 euro for loyal customer for two nights). Relatively cheap but far from center, no worries it is Germany we are talking about so 15 min. of walk and you are in the Metro station which takes 45 min. to get to the center. This place was also relatively closer to the place where competition took part outside of Berlin.

This trip was only meant to earn more experience and improve conditioning while competing (part of the training), otherwise you would hardly see me running just like that. There was a little time to see the sightseeing or do anything in particular due to lots of rest. Anyway, recommend you to buy a one day ticket (7 euro) which is the most effective solution and got really nice views when going to Hauptbahnhof.

There is a Berlinerfernsheturm and Reichstag with nice views over Spree river and quiet huge park (when before 12 P.M.) – also lots of runners there if that is your passion. It was also comfortable to drink some coffee in Hauptbahnhof where using the toilets costs 1 euro and you get 50 cent discount on any purchase made in the station.

As you can see in the picture, there is preworkout from transparent labs that would normally be used before the race, however, when traveling with only one luggage you need to prioritize what you take with you.

In that case caffeine increases your mental and physical performance mainly when not used on daily basis which is the case (used organic coffee). Do not cross 400mg and the obtained boost going to last for 3-4 hours and hydrate with as much water as the amount of coffee drunk.

Those who commit to exercising, you need to have a goal to endure the pain and all the necessities coming hand in hand with the process. When you reach the goal of getting fit smart, you can either maintain or stay progressive, thus set new goals. Would rather maintain but it is against the belief for you belive that, you are here for the purpose, you got the hobby and you keep on developing it for it brings positivity not just in your life.

Travel to relax, get things done, earn new experience or compete. There are many reasons to catch the train take a flight and explore. What we do is effective fitness in other words, training twice a week. It makes you happy not to train too often and be more productive.

Now, you know there is a need to train more often, instead you come up with a new training program (you will find out soon), acquiring different mindset and approach.

You know, once you are there you have no choice, that is how you set up your whole life, if strive for progress. Honestly, it is fun to find out you are not the only one going through hell to sustain the physique, strength and performance. It is also a good beginner result (82nd out of 688) even when not training or into running but must admit it slowly growing on me (prioritize shorter distances for longer are katabolic to your muscles).

If you do the effective fitness, functional movements will help you overcome the obstacles and heavy-intense will build necessary strength and stamina to persist the race when not running. Spartanrace is the largest organisation among all spartan races and it is only the first appearance for me. The race was situated in Finowfurt luftfahrtmuseum (see the plane on pic) between 2 and 3 hours of ride from Berlin (train/bus).

The race was well-organised and what I would praise the most was the nutrients they offered to the runners afterwards (unlike other running competitions). Nuts and banana is top after even on daily basis + organic green tea was also top. True professionals.

The preparation for the race started in Greece this summer where took part in half-marathon (took around 3h to finish) and in other half-marathon this summer when you topped the previous limit (under 2h) – plan to repeat but not sure about the marathon (longer races, very ineffective for time and muscle catabolism).

When it comes to Berlin preparations, you choose a quiet location to get most quality sleep, although the traveling and improper sleeping took its toll. At least, made sure you sleep well before the race and another great advice is to come 2 days before competition to prepare adequately.

To wonder what to put on your plate, same as always but make it more fun or perhaps less energy consuming (even when you spend max. 10 min in the kitchen) 😀 Kale and nuts, same story everyday just decrease the quantity from time to time. As to other veggies, did not bother, bought something to replace it which totally got my attention “ginger and red beet” (bio and Danish) which you use on daily basis. Danish quality is top -judging on 5 years of real experience.

In the end, the rewarding “cheat meal.” Try as clean as possible and as much of quality and necessary nutrients. To give you a good tip, whole-grain spaghetti with can of tuna (in olive oil to add up on Omega 3), quality cheese (fats and protein, almost zero sugar, as eko as possible). If picky one, add some tomatoes in the end and boil the water with garlic (the taste is great even for my cooking skills). Better to cook if got the chance rather than eat out expensive.

The ketchup, could not find in eco version (thumbs down Germany). Shopping done in Edeka (less than 5 minutes from place of the stay). Within 5 minutes reach is also Burger King if you would decide to give it another go (not the case anymore) 😀

Competing is new to me, therefore need some time to learn the ropes and build up extra stamina and strength. Eventually, it will come with time as each appearance is challenging your limits (take it as your training) so stay tuned for there is surely more to come.

This journey started with effective fitness continued to street workout as variation to fitness. Now, got started travel section as part of the fit lifestyle and preparing to compete to have some fun with like-minded people. The following content should be more of an inspiration and great tips to follow regarding competitions and travel.

Do not forget to follow other channels for easily accessible up-to-date content. Check also the attachment for meal plans that, are in line with effective and quality eating for strength, muscle growth and lots of energy. Cheers! 🙂


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