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Cold is Great for You

Ever wondered why? or happened to see crazy people going for a swim outside or going shirtless when most would not dare leave comfort of their homes? not even mentioning going for a swim in cold. I did as well and surprisingly, its not as hard as it seems, especially when you know what benefits it entail and how much fun it can get.

It has been already three years of exposing to cold and two years without being ill while still pushing limits. There are so many ways to stay consistent about it and fit it in your life, that you might even start now.

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However, if you are beginner and not feeling like it, leave it for summer as this is the best period to start in. Why? In winter you need lots of vitamins, if you neglect your nutrients you might often feel cold and not well so this is only going to be a huge turn off for you and stress on your organism which is not in line with your homeostasis (create stressors only in right doses).

Honestly, during these 3 years period, there was a time when I quit for like 5 months and got started again in winter. The great thing about your body is that, it remembers what you put it through and as I have been still actively exercising and eating clean the transition was smooth so If you feel like it, do it now for the chances are greater as you do not have to be limited with cold showers just like in the summer.

As it was said earlier, you can do it in many different ways and fit it in your style. Same as bodybuilding, you raise weights, increase intensity, add new exercises, the choice is yours. For example, I prefer situations where there is no other choice, if you go out just in t-shirt you must cope with the situation. Other way around could be, I like to get motivated so when I can do more things at once “to be effective,” let´s do it like shoveling or other jobs around your home. Or having a crazy people around because its not suggested to go for a swim alone and why keep all the fun for yourself?

  1. Speeds up metabolism
  2. Sore muscles and inflammation
  3. Immunity
  4. Focus
  5. Sleep
  6. Relax
  7. Testosterone
  8. Growth hormone

The most relevant step is to focus on deep breathing, then it takes only seconds to chill into it. I would not suggest to do it on full stomach or when your body is warm after any type of strain. I like to drink something warm not too much before jumping into it. It also helps a lot to listen to a music that gives you lots of boost try my channel here. Another great tip is to take 30 deep breaths in and out before that (slowly or faster).

How it works in general? It flushes more blood into your organs and muscles to keep them functioning properly and create more warm to keep your internal body temperature optimal thus, more fat needed to be burnt. It increases Testosterone production and growth hormone for its relaxing effect on your mind and better flow of blood in your organs increasing the activity of inner processes and nutrition supply tremendously.

You do not need to do it everyday or stay for minutes to reap all the benefits above. Whenever I take a shower I start with warm then switch to milder until it gets colder and that is how you roll easy and steady. Usually, 30 seconds 3-4 a week and whenever I have a chance or make an opportunity for it.

This also decreases the spike of insulin due to cortisol messing in our body so more good hormones released in blood. If adhering to right eating and lifestyle you can benefit a lot out of this because its extremely good and effective for your body and life. This reminds me how effective fitness was being born, most focus on muscles while neglecting what happens around it. Understand the body, your surrounding and get most out of each process happening within and outside it.

After 3 years of dedicating to it, the most noticeable changes was immunity, improved breathing , relax and pains. Pretty sure, it covers all above mentioned benefits because everything in your body is connected on different levels but to me applying it right after gym or on stressful days helped me to push away inflammations after gym drastically (my skin was burning from cold but felt so good that, not even noticing sore muscles), mind was calm and clear nothing else mattered.

It also got me working harder at gym and improved the results for better regeneration, improved breathing (could train intense) but mostly staying long off the bed. If you are sick all the time how you want to progress?


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