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The best smoothie.

I have been eating peanuts for one straight year which got me a good physique and significantly improved performance at gym. It is calorie-dense and nourishing. Therefore, I continue using it as a main source of daily calories intake. However, started to go for natural peanut butter in form of “smoothies” to get nutrition to the system effectively, will generate better overall strength and performance competences. 

The point of this shake is to stimulate and achieve better hormonal balance and obtain essential nutrition for muscle development. It is a great balanced source of food to stay in ketosis and build muscles while containing great mix of vitamins and minerals inevitable for better health and performance.

I am also doing intermittent fasting where rebuilding and nourishing body more efficiently. Just in short, eating only within 10h time-frame, the rest fasting. This is actually the primary factor for switching to smoothies to get fuel faster in the tank and less worries, better focus.

I drink around 8am and 1pm where not eating after 6pm until 8am next day. I train mornings which makes it ideal pre-workout and after-workout meal. My goal is to find out which hours are more optimal to ingest and stay in fasting zone. The main factor affecting final decision will be the one that best suits maintaining efficient energy distribution throughout the day to achieve maximal productivity and performance.

The smoothie contains 300g of skimmed milk (better with less fat for Testosterone) 500g of peanut butter 50g of dark chocolate 85% cocoa 1 banana and 20-30g of raspberries. Easy and quick. There are also more carbs than in normal keto diet which is okay when you keep very active everyday.  Sorry the quality of photos, busy student life 😀


Why peanuts?
What about milk?




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