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Self-discipline TOP 10.


Starting any journey in life without specific plan and willingness to stick to it will most likely fail unless you are one lucky bastard. However, we do not build our success on luck. If you dream big or are in bodybuilding, discipline is must. We have learnt few fundamentals in the first part, now it is time to take it to new heights with more advanced tips.

Power tips nr. 6 Wake up early or hit bed at regular hours

Waking up and hitting bed at about the same time will give you extra boost and well-rested mind throughout the day which keeps your day-to-day productivity high. Especially, when supported with right food and exercising. If you aim at waking up at 5am you can set your alarm for 5am or bit earlier to get adjusted. I understand, we are not in war and it is not easy task to leave comfort of warm bed.

My tips are start day with something you are looking forward to. For example, I am a student and part-time employed meaning, I have more or less no option yet there are two days off so I start it by training or reading books early morning which I am so much fond of. The other option is to wake your sense, simply jump, get quick out of bed to turn off this alarm (should be as far from your bed as possible, especially when phone to promote better sleep and make you leave bed) and open the window get some fresh air, stretch a bit. I also start by making a herb tea which warms me up and engage more senses to get that fresh feeling. Other than that, there is nothing better for me than being productive in the morning which promotes positive feeling of me and more results-driven approach.

Power tips nr. 7  Discomfort build character – cold temperatures.

Discomfort is part of human nature. If there were no challenges we would not have developed and thrive today. Nobody lacks mental toughness when everything goes smooth. Your discipline is only tested through adversity. Try more advanced regeneration technique after gym – cold showers. Drink and eat right after gym and do some small tasks like preparing meals for tomorrow and then take cold shower to get more blood in those muscles to allow better gains and more performance next time. Cold shower has more health benefits that you can read up on in references and also get a grip on it. If you can manage the first steps than it comes natural.

The other way around is to underdress and hit streets, probably more acceptable when new to cold temperature exposing. I only mention that, breathing is the key- take a deep breaths before and during and focus not on time just enjoy it you find out soon what I am talking about and do not overdo it – start small and always be progressive.

Power tips nr. 8  Discomfort build character – ditch some routines.

There are certain thing and habits in our lives that make us feel comfortable. It can be smartphones, Tv, sleeping habits, friends and so on. Find some time to do the opposite for example, not carrying the phone when going somewhere out for a while if that makes you anxious deal with it and observe. I am workaholic but I made some values for me, Faith, Family and Fitness. This means, I like to spend some time with family and invest more in my faith rather than always following schedules but work must be done anyway. However, if you think you have bad habits eliminate them completely as it leads nowhere, trust me. I have my strict routine and simply try to find ways how to make it fun and if it results in creating bad routines I ditch them.

There is another great way to deal with saying No to things or people “Rejection and Failure Therapy.”  I practice regularly doing things where you expect rejections and it works just fine for me. It simply gets me back on the track as failures sort of sucks. This probably has not much to do with gym but remember gym is mostly about what you do outside it and if you do not fight your way through then I wonder how is your training coming along. Try always asking for discounts in the shops or speak up your opinion but never harm anyone.

Power tips nr. 9 work first!

It is an old rule of management that you should do the most important things first and less essential activities afterwards. In the fact, I promoted the idea of waking up early by doing what you are fond of. This should not last long as it only purpose is to get you up early, so you can jump to essentials and then finish before lunch or early in the afternoons still having whole evening for fun or other things you enjoy like books, training and spending time with people. The longer you hesitate, the weaker your resolve gets. Simply take first step and it gets easier with time it is the character we are building. I just realized it is harder to believe in myself than in others but as man perserveres, things become clear.

Power tips nr. 10 learn something difficult.

One of the most difficult but still manageable goals are mastering foreign languages. Learning a new language is frustrating experience at every level. Constantly going through rejections and failures instill more discipline in your daily life. In the beginning, you start experiencing frustration of not being able to understand, then you get upset by what you will see as slow progresses. Even when you are an advanced speaker, you still feel uncomfortable at times and get mad at yourselves when not being so fluent or systematic as you would have wished. These emotions are imperative in order to put yourself together and handle them when feeling like giving up. You will not understand it when not going for it. The whole process is about positive thinking and finding ways how to make it more bearable.

In the end, I only point out that, there are many ways to get disciplined as it is crucial towards our greatness because there is no happiness living with fears. If you ever feel like you are weak and you cannot get a handle on problems try investing more in you and observe, and above all stop complaining.

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