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3 Most effective Foods.

After touching on effective eating (fat rich diet), supplementing (3B + Test/HGH) and training (heavy intense), we know that hormonal balance is the main goal for setting things right where enhancing our cardiovascular, respiratory and bones health (3Bs rule),  will increase our training effectivity and day-to-day productivity significantly by allowing us to perform and regenerate optimally (effective fitness). Continue reading “3 Most effective Foods.”

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Most Effective Foods and Supplements.

Before we jump straight to the point we must ask ourselves “most effective for who?” Many claim to have best solutions for your problem but what is the truth? If you strive for lean, strong and productive body you must become effective and that by comprehensive understanding of your body physiology (proper body functioning) so you can use it to your advantage to make your trainings optimal (every rep matters).  Continue reading “Most Effective Foods and Supplements.”