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Training Home

Whether you prefer training from home or not other option due to lockdown, you can still train a few exercises at home and be progressive while extremely effective. The question arises, what if you had lifted weights before? Can you still be progressive, then?

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Plan your Run

First of all, when jumping to a new discipline, try to use already acquired knowledge from efficient bodybuilding. What could be especially useful is adhering to your biological clock. Knowing when is the best time to hit your run is first step, the other one is actual preparation and planning.

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Run (EffEctivE)

Run could be easily compared to bodybuilding in terms of subject complexity (FITT principles) and wide areas of specialty (long/short distance, speed, terrain, combining etc.). To even make it worst, we live in information overload era. Hopefully, further reading below will shed some light on effective approach to constant improvements in your run performance while staying effective.

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Most Effective Foods and Supplements.

Before we jump straight to the point we must ask ourselves “most effective for who?” Many claim to have best solutions for your problem but what is the truth? If you strive for lean, strong and productive body you must become effective and that by comprehensive understanding of your body physiology (proper body functioning) so you can use it to your advantage to make your trainings optimal (every rep matters).  Continue reading “Most Effective Foods and Supplements.”