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Final Stage

It has been years since the journey got started and you wonder how to progress further. If your goal is to get fit, you need to have a well-balanced program so you use each body part efficiently, and prevent any unnecessary hardships stemming from inconsistent development of your strength and coordination.

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What else to eat?

Once you commit to eat green veggies with nuts while make it more pleasurable with variations, you can spice it up with more pleasure to stay on the right track. Quality calories are must and to know what to eat is like a swimmining in safe waters where nothing unexpected could happen only progress.

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Green Veggies

Here we go once again. Speaking first of nuts consumption now jumping into veggies. Those who have some interest for exercising and health surely know that, green is good, especially, the veggies. Making it routine would be more reasonable than picking a fruit. However, there are some fruits like melons and avocadoos which are also green and great but to get most out of your daily nutrition intake while straighten out your budget and get best commited, a good system must be put in practice.

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Go for Nuts.

Why so many pro-athletes going nuts? And how to make it your routine to optimize your health, performance while building lean muscle mass and losing fat in the same time?

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Cold is Great for You

Ever wondered why? or happened to see crazy people going for a swim outside or going shirtless when most would not dare leave comfort of their homes? not even mentioning going for a swim in cold. I did as well and surprisingly, its not as hard as it seems, especially when you know what benefits it entail and how much fun it can get. Continue reading “Cold is Great for You”

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Your Effective Cheat Day.

When it comes to getting fit, diet is probably the hardest part of any fitness program, especially in the long run. Regardless of how healthy we aim to be when dieting, cutting calories come at cost. To produce extreme leanness, many diets inevitably utilize weeks of calorie deficits and lower carbohydrates. When used correctly, cheat meals can be a great tool to help carve your physique. Continue reading “Your Effective Cheat Day.”

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Calisthenics vs. Weightlifting?

It has already been 5 years of weightlifting which got me nice and lean physique while also built up decent strength, flexibility and endurance that made me think why am I actually training when already have more than had expected and initial goal was being met “get fit effective.” Therefore, you should find answer to your why? so you can get disciplined and find your style that suits your needs best. Continue reading “Calisthenics vs. Weightlifting?”