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The answer is efficiency.

Improved health, strength and performance are achieved through 1h training, twice a week. According to many studies, training less, hard and smart can have tremendous benefits on health, increasing over-all strength and performance.

After 3 years of hitting gym sometimes even twice a day, while attending school, having a job and other necessities, I decided to incline more to efficient approach. I had a few mentors who got me introduced into bodybuilding and work ethic which kept me resilient. After all, it was Dorian Yates who once said, “working hard but correctly” totally influenced the way I perceived every gym arrival and departure.

His heavy high-intensity work-outs crowned him undisputedly 6 times Mr. Olympia in a row, where he was known for his heavy high intense trainings and extreme muscle mass. Although, I would not call it “correctly” as this might vary from individual to individual, yet he made quite a point there.

The whole idea behind training 2h a week is to bring your body into optimal anabolic state where the body gets more productive, not forgetting proper regeneration. The most important thing to achieve anabolic state is consistency as building strong bodies take time under right procedure. The most efficient process applied, will be the one optimally distributing energy to bring better performance through better health and achieve better regeneration relevant for muscle and strength growth.  Continue reading “The answer is efficiency.”


NEW Location

After finishing the Uni, the plan had been to move either to Switzerland or Norway. How did it go and Why so?

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FREE Bitcoin

Long time no see brothers and sisters! Have been working on new skills development and got landed few jobs on self-development but you could keep in touch on my fast growing Tiktok platforms about side hustle, estates, motivation and fitness. Definitely, follow me there to stay in touch and more. Planning to keep you posted here more often sooner or later. Even, when keeping busy, couldnt have ignored sharing with you this great opportunity within your grasp to claim free bitcoin. As you already know Bitcoin is 3 times lower plus long-term potential to 30 times and more from now on. Yes! Now is the time.

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Goals 2022

Carrying out in the same spirit as the last year, although reprioritizing the main goals while the cloudy situation about corona seems to be clearing out. Also, the 3 years engagement of mine is about to be put to end which means better commitment and results expected for more energy put into assets in the second half of the year.

The thought of the day “if corona has not made you better and stronger, you are going to miss out big time“. Still got some time to put more effort, especially now when in the beginning of the new year. It is never late to start and if you feel like you are not getting closer to your main objectives, you might learn from my lesson bellow and reprioritize your objectives.

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Crypto & Stocks

Do not miss this great opportunity to avoid inflation when docking your money in your bank account. Instead, start collecting rewards, interest and get more value out of your capital. There are some nice welcome bonuses and referrals too to get you started on the right foot building your own online passive income streams and surely work towards becoming your own boss and having lots of free time while also doing things you are keen on doing. So how to kick it off?

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Mallorca, Spain

From rainy and cold to sunny and warm with a single mission to qualify for next Europe championship., second in a row. That was the whole purpose of the journey while also sharing local experience and food prices. It takes literally, little to no time to get to the bottom of the post. Cheers!

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Food Budget

It has been a while since my summer stay in Germany and Switzerland where experienced first the effect of inflation on the grocery. This comparison might not be in line due to continuous increase in food prices but gives a clue on how much one needs for the food budget in these two countries. As Food and Travel is passion and many wonder how much it takes to maintain well-balanced eating budget while being consistent with your eating patterns or just curious about the prices in other parts of the world, the initiative of sharing my experience was being made. You can get inspired by eating habits and purchases to get pumped most testosterone and HGH out of your food, thus effective gains and fat loss.

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Fit and Rich

Why in this order? The journey started with fitness, now exploiting online opportunities. You could do it other way around. If you are none of the above, getting fit could be your best option to start with and slowly working towards getting rich. You need to train only once or twice a week to get fit depending on your commitment which will make your days and week more productive, thus you can invest the rest of your time in online opportunities. This is my landing page to be updated constantly. The main aim is to get you you fit effective and build online business so that you can be both fit and rich while working anytime you want.

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