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Long time no see brothers and sisters! Have been working on new skills development and got landed few jobs on self-development but you could keep in touch on my fast growing Tiktok platforms about side hustle, estates, motivation and fitness. Definitely, follow me there to stay in touch and more. Planning to keep you posted here more often sooner or later. Even, when keeping busy, couldnt have ignored sharing with you this great opportunity within your grasp to claim free bitcoin. As you already know Bitcoin is 3 times lower plus long-term potential to 30 times and more from now on. Yes! Now is the time.

Not here to persuade anyone to invest in crypto, but give the best possible start if you are already resolved. The higher the risk, the greater win. To keep it safe and not having enough time to research, always choose Bitcoin or Ethereum. You should absolutely not invest all you have neither most of your funds, instead diversify. Also, investing long-term (holding couple of years has proven to be the most profitable even when markets are down so dont panic and start accumulating).

There is no harm getting free BTC or other cryptos with no investment, especially when doing it effectively. So here´s my strategies. Before we get started, want to share probably my best bitcoin investment ever worth only 5€ with 0 capital investment. NBX is a norwegian block exchange giving 50 NOK worth of bitcoin just for 5 minutes of your time to register with no deposit. What´s great you both get it immediately after verifying (5€ both the referrer and the referred one).

Having in mind BTC is down 3 times from its ATH (all-time high) you get 15 € and considering the growth potential of BTC up to 10 times from ATH in long-term, you might have just earned 150€ in 5 minutes of your time. Plus, you can refer as many people you want e.g. 10 people x 150€ = you know the math. It is important to have free google authenticator app in your phone and enable 2 factor verification in your nbx account in order to claim your reward. START HERE

Another great project for earning passive income with bitcoin with no investment with less than 5 minutes registration is EMBER app. It doesnt deplete your battery neither takes much space and all you need to do is start mining satoshis once in every 24h, then close the app, return back after 24h. You are getting 2,5 satoshis every hour without doing anything. You need to mine 4€ worth in BTC to claim it which takes quite fast if you do it right. For me it took only one month.

No one is 100% everyday so you can count with 0,3€ earned every month right now considering BTC is 3x lower and not referring anyone (even this could be 10€ a month in the future). It might not seem luring but no one is so lame to not have anyone referred and you only need 10€ worth investment to get another 5 satoshis per hour (7,5/hour) which you can invest from what you have earned so far. Thus, earning 3 times more even when on your own. Your best way though is to keep referring people you can rely on (they need to start it every 24/7.

If you dont have anyone you need to reconsider having any friends. The best way is to build team with like minded people. for each one who runs it you get 2,5 satoshis and 10 in case they already invested 10€ . You can have maximum 100 people so do the math if everyone gives you 10 satoshi an hour. If you have been with me for years and feel like supporting me you need to also put my code manually in ACCESS CODE: MNGZYL7LIUUAICVT found in setting. START HERE

Where to invest once ready? You can start with as low as 30€, 50€ or 100€. Another great platform NURI gives 30€ for free after buying BTC or ETH for 30€ and holding it for couple of days to get your reward. So, you wont just get 30€ back in less than 10 days but also BTC worth 30€ with (30×3=90€). Then, you can put it for 3% interest account as I did and leave it there to grow. For every referred user you both get 30€ so you can keep investing in BTC for free. Don´t get scared of 5 minute video call where they want to make sure you are there in for investing in BTC or ETH and that you are a real user (need to speak English or German). START HERE

You can also try NEXO for 100€ deposit and need to hold it for a month to get free 25 USD worth in BTC. You can put 100€ in BTC for interest account with 4% yearly return. The last one CAKEdefi needs investment of 50€ and put to freezer for a month to claim 20€ worth in DEFI which could be switched to BTC + they have Learn program where you get immediately 5 USD worth in BTC and another 5 USD in Defi. They have great staking interests so definitely worth looking at.

Other great walking platform gives me 20 satoshis daily without doing anything just pure walking but you can also play a chess for satoshis or spin the weel twice a day for free satoshis. You get 100 for each successful referral. Speaking of step to earn, probably the best one which is also launching own crypto that will be cashed out is sweatcoin. You also dont need to do anything just walk but can claim more rewards when spending there little time.

Other great ways, if you have lots of free time go for probably the oldest reward platform to get free satoshis every hour with multiple daily spins with lots of rewards like lamborghini or rolex (one of the biggest crypto communities, 100% legit). START HERE The other one gives free satoshis around 50 for 1 minutes of your time once daily but you can do surveys too which is not so profitable if you see quick cash now. Although thinking long term and looking back 10 years later, you could have been getting rewarded 30€ per hour all way long. What sparked my interest the most is their promotion program. You can advertise anything like your products for satoshis and it is well-affordable especially, now. 5000 clicks just for 10€ START HERE

Lastly, you can get free crypto airdrops on coinbase all over the year. After one year of sign up totalled more than 20€ in different crypto projects. You will also get 10€ in btc after sign up considering BTC prices down this investment is more significant. Another great project for passive income I am fan of are definitely Hi, Cakedefi (great sign up bonus and returns on investment) and HoneyGain (no investment needed).

If you want more side hustle opportunities, hit the follow button and do not forget to follow me on IG MMS__club and Tiktok world_of_fitness MMS__club or fastest growing estates platform in the industry estates.everywhere.


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