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Goals 2022

Carrying out in the same spirit as the last year, although reprioritizing the main goals while the cloudy situation about corona seems to be clearing out. Also, the 3 years engagement of mine is about to be put to end which means better commitment and results expected for more energy put into assets in the second half of the year.

The thought of the day “if corona has not made you better and stronger, you are going to miss out big time“. Still got some time to put more effort, especially now when in the beginning of the new year. It is never late to start and if you feel like you are not getting closer to your main objectives, you might learn from my lesson bellow and reprioritize your objectives.

The online engagement (more accounts/content) and transparency (more personal content/more blog topics) got increased as well as the amount of online content from my side as promised, although the quality over quantity is still the main objective.

Instead, worked on new skills development in order to meet the second objective in 2021 which was working towards part-time to full-time financial independence. Developing passive incomes, scaling it and new incomes generation is the subject of incoming topics available in earn section.

Travel and Training did not go the way as had planned for two specific reasons. It is not that I have not tried but in my current country of residence that could not be left for ongoing engagement coming to end soon, the measures were one of the most strictest in the world. From all the planned trips only one got accomplished without any postpones or cancelations due to covid and gyms were pretty much closed and got infected three times with covid (twice when fully vaccinated).

All the situation about corona and how the governments all over the world have been handling it got me very depressed about the situation where my top priorities Travel and Training could not be so progressive as expected. Just recently got canceled my very first visit in Ireland and holiday in Morocco. The only way out of negative thoughts were reprioritizing the main objectives and shifting focus to more accessible resources such as gaining new skills, experience and knowledge which allowed better planning as a result (focus on what you have in control).

On the other hand, corana has also brought new opportunities such as increasing online activities and crypto crash mostly due to government regulations. I finally understood that this is the time to put my two big passions on hold for larger picture just momentarily. If most of the energy will be shifted to the right direction considering the situation it could prove as more effective solution. The body might need reset after 3 corona infections. Instead of travel can focus sharply on the grind and invest your resources to new assets generation (passive income/knowledge). More on how operating now in next post committed.

So what to learn from my lesson? Focus on what you have in control during hard times; Listen to your body perhaps the mind and body needs to rest before committing on full scale (timing is the key) and try to understand what the universe wants from you in this stage of the journey (perhaps its time for learning rather than destroying the process).

The new year will be shaped by ended engagement in summer, then moving abroad while strictly prioritizing passive income generation, learning high yield skills and training process. The goals are clear to me and will be presented and assessed in the end of the year. Still though, it could be put into three main objectives.

1.MORE EFFECTIVE – better planning and evaluating of the day; clear on priorities and resourcing activities; mindset and time is the biggest asset.

2.MORE SKILLS – especially high yield skills such as online freelancing, entrepreneurial and passive income related.

3.WEAK LINKS – educate on what you lack and resource what you can´t do or becomes inferior; core + shoulders and flexibility (training wise) – “you are as strong as your weakest link”.

For those of you who still fight with stubborn fat after Xmas and even before that, check the pdf bellow with some quick thoughts.


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