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Crypto & Stocks

Do not miss this great opportunity to avoid inflation when docking your money in your bank account. Instead, start collecting rewards, interest and get more value out of your capital. There are some nice welcome bonuses and referrals too to get you started on the right foot building your own online passive income streams and surely work towards becoming your own boss and having lots of free time while also doing things you are keen on doing. So how to kick it off?

One of the best financial advice is definitely to diversify, so your best guess is to build your portfolio on different platforms and collect multiple rewards while also cashing out different referral rewards. That way, you are more likely to target bigger crowds by offering them something more to their liking and also keeping your capital safer than having it all on one platform. The same goes to all types of investments you make. Be it stocks, commodities, crypto, business or real estates etc. – simply diversify it. Probably, the easiest way and most hot right now is going for crypto and stocks.

Here´s where I invest the ROI (return on investment) from multiple online streams where no invested capital was needed. You can find more on how to generate enough money resources to start real investing with no initial capital needed HERE.

The question is which platforms offer luring welcome bonuses/referral programs to keep collecting enough resources to reinvest (second best advice – reinvest your ROI) while also being user friendly?

First rule: Start with the big players, then look for interesting welcome bonuses and referral programs. If you go for big players you are most likely to get the best value out there and most user friendly experience. Your second rule is to hold as long as you need to settle or reinvest. Holding is great for crazy compound effect but also there is scarcity to some cryptos like there is only 10% of bitcoin left to be mined which is 21 millions altogether for 7 billion people out there so make the count. The best solution would be launching some business and invest some capital to stocks and cryptos but there are those making fortune trading on daily basis which looks very captivating to look into.

There are many sites comparing all the trading platforms so you can do your own research, therefore going to touch only on those I use and planing to use as well as emphasize on what must get across.

If you read my landing page here you should already know about Nuri and Revolut. They are both free of charge and have a great referral bonuses while also having an opportunity to invest in cryptos with ease. You can provide others value once using their bank services while also keep earning on referrals and help others become richer. Trading fees are minimal 1,5 – 2,5% so ideal for long-term hold. In Nuri you have only Ethereum and Bitcoin but gives you interest of 3-5% whereas no interest in Revolut but wide variety of cryptos. When adding resources to revolut you have it there in seconds so you are ready to trade immediately (great for not missing dips). You can also trade with gold and silver and my guess is it is going to expand, although you get no interest on your possession. The down side is you get fees also when swapping one crypto for another unlike coinbase which is free of charge (great for reinvesting in crypto).

By the way, make deposit of 30€ in nuri to buy either bitcoin or ethereum and you get 50€. The offer last until the end of year. It is available worldwide so claim it. You can read more on it here. Another limited offer is Nexo offering free 25 USD for depositing 100 by the end of the year. This one I am about to do and we get to the point you might have been asking yourself. How to get interest on my cryptos or stocks? Do not know anything about the stocks but definitely crypto. Nexo has one of the highest yields ca. 10%. Another great staking crypto platforms that I have tried are coinbase and cakedefi.

Coinbase gets you FREE 10 USD for depositing 100 USD and you can stake it to earn you 2 to 5% in interest while also get 10 USD for each referral who does the same. You earn another 20 USD in learn section by answering easy quiz on cryptos. In my experience trading transaction are bit higher than above. In cakedefi you get FREE 30 USD when depositing 50 USD and using referral code 310044 that could be your starting destination. You have even better referral program where you get 25% of your referrals. By the way, you rather hurry up cause this deals might not be available any soon plus now is great opportunity to invest as cryptos went down and is going to grow next year not just back to its previous price but above.

The most dominant so far is that gives you interest on all cryptos that are available there and has the widest spectrum of them. Also offers reward of FREE 25 USD when stocking 25 USD to their crypto coin.

As to stocks, the best platform currently using with great referral bonus of FREE 50 USD for 100 USD deposit is etoro platform. The fees are minimal and withdrawal fee is just 5 USD. Now you can invest as little as 10 USD. If you want to know more about where and how to invest follow this IG platform. There are another great deals going on when signing up for robin hood (giving one free stock) and webull giving 5 free stocks (only for US citizens) – this only until the end of year.

Why should you even invest in crypto and stocks? the simple answer is to learn and build more passive income streams if your goal is truly getting more out of your life. The second reason is because of inflation. If you keep money in your account you are losing its value. Instead, you can earn interests and be part of platforms to get rewards so basically, you make your money work for you unlike letting them rot in your account. Thirdly, the future belongs to technology and most likely, decentralization. So investing to crypto and technological stocks is great opportunity for anyone who does not know how to become a millionaire or bring more wealth in life. Simply, figure out how to get more capital and put it where it is going to compound tremendously.

Still though, for me personally the strongest argument is reflecting back on how much value got some stocks and especially cryptos and how is it now. You should not ignore this opportunity for just little investment of 1 dollar can turn you in millionaire just in couple of years. Imagine being a spider lurking inside the walls throwing nets all over the place. The more nets, the more likely getting that big prey. Continue to learn and take efforts in order to succeed. More on which stocks/cryptos and how to go about each platform in upcoming posts. Cheers!


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