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Mallorca, Spain

From rainy and cold to sunny and warm with a single mission to qualify for next Europe championship., second in a row. That was the whole purpose of the journey while also sharing local experience and food prices. It takes literally, little to no time to get to the bottom of the post. Cheers!

Happy to announce that the trip was a success with my personal best since have been competing for two years. More on that in new upcoming post on Run and Workout update to be found in workout section.

The weather considering it was the end of October was really nice. It was still around 25 degrees Celsius and got caught in no showers and was enjoying much sun during this 5 days. Also, tried the sea and the water was still warm. Another surprising fact was: too many Germans and tourists even in end of October where Scandinavians were probably the second largest tourist sample.

This is great for anyone who likes languages and want to use or learn more of them at one place. For example, I am seriously considering to plan my internship there after finishing my studies this year in order to continue using my active German, English and brush up on Danish while also learning Spanish. On top of that, working in my branch (fitness and performance).

Those, who does not know, it has been my mission since last year to create a better working environment to get even more progressive in fitness and competing. To accomplish that, you need to be your own boss to keep your schedule above others, so online presence and language skills from my another passion travel helped me to get partially independent while scheming and undertaking steps to full-independence. You can dig more on that and stay up-to-date in Earn section.

Building and monetizing your online presence while also working online helps you to travel all over the world which is why new places are going to be explored so hit the follow button to stay tuned. So, Mallorca is relatively small island but still takes couple of days to explore it. Two options: either by sea or inland. Both options won´t take you more than a week. In other words it takes less than a week to explore Mallorca.

The best place to land and start is Palma. It costs 5€ to get from the airport to Palma with A11 or A12. The drivers take only cash and there was no bolt and uber available which was a big disappointment. You get access to the whole island from the airport by the bus (check the route plan bellow). The plane prices are very cheap in October (for 100€ you can access it from all parts of Europe and in some cases have also return ticket included). As to accommodation, still using the same providers airbnb and booking. The good thing about booking is its loyalty program and you can book a trip all over the island among other activities within the island from there. It is pretty effective to outsource your whole trip from one app.

I do not have any special recommendations once there and nothing really got my attention except, the church and its fortified surrounding which seems to be the main attraction and one of the best ice creams I had which is 10 minutes walk from there called Murmui Gelato Mediterráneo. The beaches are restaurants options are plenty so go explore on your own. The trips around the island costs up to 100€ from your hotel or accommodation pick up when used booking app.

Lastly, I really liked the views and training environment around the castle Bellver. If you run and take the stairs (more than you can see in the picture) and manage with no break to the very top you good and have just received high-five from me. P.S. check the price comparison in pdf bellow and you can compare it with the recent one from Germany and find out if there are visible differences.

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