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Fit and Rich

Why in this order? The journey started with fitness, now exploiting online opportunities. You could do it other way around. If you are none of the above, getting fit could be your best option to start with and slowly working towards getting rich. You need to train only once or twice a week to get fit depending on your commitment which will make your days and week more productive, thus you can invest the rest of your time in online opportunities. This is my landing page to be updated constantly. The main aim is to get you you fit effective and build online business so that you can be both fit and rich while working anytime you want.

First of all, the process of getting fit requires lots of effort. The great thing is you can be extremely effective about it. There will be an e-book coming out soon so hit follow to stay updated. Before that, feel free to check the previous posts for inspiration to get you started. Otherwise, wait for the book where all you need to know about bodybuilding and general health to get so efficient to be able to train twice or even once a week. This might be the most effective fitness out there!


This is also an opportunity for you and me to do business together. Having an audio platform with 20% yearly growth currently above 7 000 000 plays with more than 200 000 monthly plays. The platform targets people working on their success story or gym grinders. If you hit gym, want to be successful or you are already there, you should definitely listen to this channel to keep you going. It brings better gym performance and more productive days as you stay focused. It is also educational and entertaining where you can get your track or message both written or audio one reposted if relevant and be heard to more than 4000 active listeners. Normally, this is my number one music choice because it brings real winning mindset and pump you up during your training or grind time towards your dreams.


The overall goal is to be fit as well as rich while doing it effectively, otherwise you are just wasting time and that is not the way you want to spend limited time with your one life. It starts with right decisions which are also effective like if you get fit you get also active. Why not get rewarded for it? Seriously, try this app. You choose whether to pay or keep for free. I am paying 12€ a year which gets me more sweatcoins but in 3 years of being active you can get vouchers worth 500-1000 USD.

You do not need to do anything just move a lot which is your lifestyle. What is so great, even when having free membership, you can get lots of great free deals like learning languages 3 months for free then work with languages online and get paid for it earn more than in regular job and also be more flexible. Apply your sweatcoins for nice discounts on interesting products from health, beauty and more. You can also donate your sweatcoins for good cause if you ever wanted to and it is very easy. Basically, you get lots of discounts on product you find attractive and even get big vouchers on amazon, playstation, xbox, nike, zara, hm and many more products top in branch. Plus, you can win cash weekly so do not hesitate this is must have app that costs nothing to little!

The last thing you need for getting fit effectively is the right place where you can outsource your supplements, food and gear. Transparentlabs, Gymbeam, Amazon are the best brands, no mater what. The less places you can get what you need from the more effective you are. Also, if you travel a lot check travel for inspiration (find how much money you need to keep your eating on track and interesting places to see while there) – this will be available soon only for paid subscribers. So, if you travel a lot you can outsource your supplements, gear and food all over the world when using these brands.

Transparentlabs OUTSOURCING

It is transparent brand with top expertise on manufacturing supplements with many top athletes in the sport using their supplements. Their preworkout is definitely the best in the market and other products are very effectively mixed for your goal for example burning fat. What is also great, you can start earning money with them as affiliate. This is my number one supplement option and you can get 20 USD off your first purchase only here. Also, if you subscribe to their newsletters you get another 10% off.


Here you can outsource, basically everything – mostly using the gear and for food Gymbeam. Because you cannot get there transparentlabs supps yet and best deals on peanut butter which is mandatory in your meal plan is gymbeam. There will be also a marketplace on my site with only proven and quality products once the site is refurbished in new year. Amazon is not a giant for no reason and it is effective because you can get from them almost everything plus become also their affiliate which makes up for most of their sales.

Instagram Elite ONLINE INCOME

To start earning online, you need to grow your online presence. To find out how, recommend you this online education where you learn how to grow the following and engagement along with sales. It also teaches you how to start and which niche to choose if you have no idea. Sometimes, you just need to start and figure out the rest along the road. You will also get into society of like-minded people who wants to succeed.

NURI vs REVOLUT and Betting

If you are new here or my social proof is not enough for you to invest any money here but still want to work towards becoming independent or just have side hustle – start with online surveys or open free bank account with Nuri and Revolut. They have very interesting referral programs where you both get rewarded. Nuri is unlimited and gives both of you 30€ whereas Revolut gives you maximum 60€ for 5 people. Before doing that, would recommend going first for betting companies that freely give you money without depositing any capital. If you register for more of them you have capital without investing anything except 5 minutes of your time. Then you can put that capital to work through other interesting referral campaigns or investments in stocks and crypto with quick ROI. If interested hit me on my IG @mms__club so I can show you how you can earn this way comfortably hundreds and thousands of euros while others getting rewarded too.

It is better to invest your money in assets rather than saving and devaluate it thanks to inflation. As to the surveys go for swagbucks, toluna and if in Germany try UNICUM. What so great about the surveys, you can learn new languages while getting paid for it. It helped me to improve my German and Danish. Now selling my language skills online which made me a good side hustle worth of hundreds of euros. It is said that you can earn hundreds bucks doing online surveys on monthly basis but for me it generated around 50€ and worked 5 hours for it.

Just to sum up, if no capital, find where you can claim it without investing anything except your time. A great start would be betting welcome bonuses, then invest it where you can get interest on it or refer others and get both rewarded while also using same services. Why promote something that gives you no value? So, try bank referrals – normally need to invest some of your capital but returned with great interest, then put it to work again. Currently very grateful with etoro and coinbase for investing and referral with compound interests. Never leave all your money in your bank account without earning interest.


You will also need mentors and keep on educating yourself. Follow @mms__club. Speaking of developing new skills, you can definitely learn new ones on fiverr or pay for someone to do the job for you. You can also start selling your skills there e.g. the languages once been fed up with surveys and your language already mastered. Starting online education as proposed earlier will also improve your desired language skill once taking actions.


For paid subscribers, there will be available online library with lots of free ebooks material on self-growth, fitness, health and financial niche. Otherwise, follow @mms__club where in highlights the most important lessons straight from the books are found. If any questions or want to cooperate hit me on instagram with your request. If you want to get your track or audio message reposted, hit me on @mms__club and state in your message PLATFORM. IF you want to book me for fitness consultation, state FIT. See you on the top. Cheers!








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