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There are many ways of being present on social medias as there are in real life. When building your online presence, go for value and eventually get paid. Entertainment in real life is much worth it, especially when your online activities provide for it. If your goal is to take control of your life, have no idea but want to do business just from your phone, then cheers you made it.

Before you get started off, you need to keep a clear picture of why you are doing it as it requires long-term commitment like everything worthwhile in life. Why did you start this journey? It would be nice to train and travel all over the world while working from anywhere. It also brings flexibility and requires more creativity than regular jobs which gets you bored in long run.

My life philosophy is kaizen = progress. You also follow the path that life tries to pave for you. Had learnt English and German which made me move abroad at 19, unfortunately was being a marketing student with no real skills whatsoever, forced you to rely solely on your hard work. You are going to burn out quick if that hard work does not turn into smart work.

Learning to increase your working capacity while preserving your energy and unleashing top-performance when needed most is the first real skill that got acquired which laid foundation for effective fitness. Why train 4-5 times a week when 1-2 times is enough? Instead of overdoing, improve your focus on what really matters, attack and annihilate every step and obstacle.

To get most out of your fitness, check the previous posts. It might be the most effective fitness out there as it is constantly improving so you rather hit the follow button. Also, get both inspired and fired up in motivation and workout section.

It is never been a goal to be a bodybuilder just be better at surviving and have a bright future. If you are somewhere in the beginning phase or got stuck in the process, then getting fit is the right way as you also acquire loads of other skills, mostly the right mindset to approach every task like your set. When, you reach desired fitness move to other goals even beyond fitness.

Everything is going viral, this is totally crazy. As the online activities are growing so should your online presence. Here is your decision at hand, do I want to get entertained or be an entertainer? This might not be the right question. Do you spend at east 2 hours daily on social medias? If you have something worthwhile sharing or have expertise in something that could help improve thousand if not millions of lives or know how to entertain crowds, than you rather get it out there.

This is something awesome that got me going and made me even more effective which is the aim. What else if not effective? Are we not a human species that is considered to be smart among others? You can learn to make money on instagram just by being consistent same like you do at gym.

First, choose which niche is the right one for you or you familiarize most with. Mind that, it is relevant enough to reach your overall goals “to be profitable.” The best would be something in beauty/health/fitness, luxury, finance, pet and even relationships. These are the most attractive ones as we find them most strugglesome as well as attention catchers. Then, it is just about sticking to the guideline and learning new things along the way. So, what is the plan?

Instead of talking much, HERE is where you can start your education. You can also download the ebook bellow the post that is only available to paid members of the course and get the first taste. If you already have basic marketing background or want to go straught to the thing, you can skip first two modules and start from module 3, then return to it if needed. That will save you time and resources as the whole course costs 7 USD weekly which can be cancelled at any given time. You finish in less than 2 weeks if you commit to it and decide whether keep the benefits or drop it. You will learn how to grow your instagram presence without taking attention to you which keeps you focused and eventually start earning.

What is so great about it is that you are getting both educated and motivated at the same time while building passive incomes which is extremely effective.

So to give you more clue about this online education I have been through. You can build 7 figure online business on your social medias just by posting daily content that is both eye-appealing and problem solving in your chosen niche. Then, it is just about engaging them and turning them to sells.

The program covers: analyze lessons learnt from students who failed/succeeded, then immense into secret strategies to promote, branding and money making strategies, how to close people and develop your product. You can purchase additional two packages to learn how to earn big time in less time.

What you should pay attention to is that money invested in you are never wasted and everything worthwhile takes time. Do not expect quick results, neither expect to learn everything needed to start you off from these two posts. The whole grind and knowledge generation takes time, instead take actions and keep learning along the way.

You initial step should be the book provided to you bellow, try the course for two weeks which costs nothing and decide. There is money guarantee too but come on. The money is nothing and it is your education, new possibilities. Once you decide to go for it, focus on growing your account and engagement and above all never quit learning, improving and doing. In other words, reach 10K followers to have enough social proof and trust to drive sales. Lastly, develop your own product.

All of this does not take much of your time and provides many benefits such as keeps you educated and motivated. Works toward building passive incomes. Meet like-minded people and builds new set of skills e.g. I have never been so good at design – try free app Canva and you find out for yourself.

The last post on the topic will be revolving around IG growth strategies, passive income options and earning strategies with no big following. Hit the follow button to stay updated.


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