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One of the best ways to get and stay fit is to have enough time and resources to be able to pursue your progress. Besides, creating an optimal environment where you can shift your energy into progress, will get you faster to your goals.

Exploiting online income opportunities while living in digital age is only reasonable step forward as online opportunities are abundant.

Starting with the banks, some of them encourage you for being proactive. Either open an account with them or refer someone new and get both rewarded. Normally, 15-30€ for each action that takes less than 5 minutes of your time. The account is free and the referred ones also get rewarded so it is win-win.

The other option is to monetize on your savings with interest. The savings could be done easily just by rounding up every purchase you make with your card to one euro which is not a big deal when you have two banks and can choose when and how much of the price you want to round up. For the accumulated amount, you earn interest and can send it back to your spending account immediately. Having more free bank accounts is also useful when sometimes one card is not working or other related problems. You could earn 20-50€ a month after a year of saving just by being passive.

This is just to get you an idea on where to look for some side income options. The above promotion describes Slovak banks and it is not time restricted in most cases (if from Slovakia try 365bank and use the code imrich040799 only until 30.6.). The one worth sharing with you is free German account you can do online comfortably from your home because for the Slovak ones you need to be there physically. You get 15€ for registration and another 15 for each referral where referred one gets too 15 € and you can send it to your account of course. Start here.

There are definitely more banks but these two are proven and free and have been using actively. Feel free to share your experience in comment section if you know anything similar so we can all be up for it. Next option might not feel right as we are finally touching on main topic of this post, yet it could be working for you while supporting a good cause.

Some betting companies support the sport in a country like the one I am using. For each bet one cent is donated to sport community which is great. Why I even opened this topic is because most bet companies try to lure you in and you get some free bonuses like free 20€ bet + free spins in slots or risk free bet up to your deposit so actually, you do not need to spend anything and still gain more in return.

Probably, the most renowned is bet365 that would be recommended, although not available in all countries. You can find other ones easily just by googling it depending on your location. As to slots, would not do it as it is against the computer. You focus solely on the bets. The longer you bet, the more likely you are going to develop your own betting style. You could just do the goals in one or two sports or finding the highest odds that could actually work. You might get inspired by others and over time start selling your own bets so it is another potential income.

Still have not found my own style but going to share with you some interesting ones. You also need to be smart about it and if this is not for you than do not do it. Having fitness lifestyle comes with sacrifices and different mindset so not spending money on junk food or sacrificing long, wild and often parties every etc. gets you some change that could be invested and capitalized if you build the right system that works for you. The optimal goal would be fewer matches and more money placed on the bet.

Still, the most optimal way to create online income is to build something of value than monetize on it. If you are like me who follow the sport I would like to give you an example of two guys with different style. One is betting solely on draws and won 200K and the other one just found 3 matches with higher odds and bet more money on it. The second style has already worked for me as shown on the picture bellow.

My favorite type of betting is live as you can see how the games are unfolding, win money straightaway or cash them out while watching. The downside is that not all the favored matches are played at the same time. However, I do not want to spend much time doing and checking bets so I have decided to take a different approach such as doing one 5€ bet a week with odds 200 with 4-7 matches. Why 200? you can lose one game and get 10 times of the deposit which is 50€ while the winning ticket would be 1000€. One match odd must be above 1.5 and odds per match max 8 to apply the bonus of getting 10x of deposit´s worth. The goal is after all, finding few matches with higher odds and bet reasonable amount of money.

You should have the goal on how much you want to earn, spend and the system to put in. For example, I follow football and hockey results on daily basis so it gives me the picture and bet mostly on these sports. Betting 30€ a month wont be missed in my wallet as bodybuilding sacrifices are made and at the same time could bring interesting profit. You also support sport community with each bet and get free bonuses when opening account with them. Some banks charge fees for depositing money for bet so be wary of that and all you need is ID and probably another identification like health insurance card or driving license.

P.S. sometimes they make mistake with odds like example above so it could be your chance but would be time consuming looking for internal mistakes. The above says there will be at least 2 goals in football game in first half which is very realistic except the odds 100. For me also worked, finding two matches with higher bets except, the amount was too small to make fuss about it (pic on the left won 170 with 50 cents).


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