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Having a great product or service? Want to increase your sales? Improve your brand awareness? Then, keep reading as these information is going to help you with the above objectives.

We are living in busy and noise world where our minds get easily overloaded with so much information and attention craving stimulus that simply turn our minds ignorant even when great ideas open to them. The real Question is, how to win and keep those minds open to these great ideas? You can learn a great deal on that in free e-book found in attachments.

If your product or service revolves around fitness, health or personal growth, then you are going to benefit from this solution, that is about to be presented to you. The great thing about the solution is, it is easy to access and use with very frequent usage, and growing in numbers.

We are speaking here about creating value online. Knowing and understanding your target is your only mission until you find out what to offer them to monetize your work. Building your online presence beforehand should be more vital than trying to sell. Having a great marketing but no good service or product will make you fail quick. If you do not have your own product or service you can use affiliate links or promote your brand to grow your online presence. It is not always about selling from the very start but creating a good rapport and growing in numbers.

As said earlier, knowing your target is your first mission, then building your presence around them. One of the best ways to attract or get noticed are streaming medias where you can use comment/description sections or make your own channels to motivate or inspire without trying to sell them in the first place. Very popular comments are starting with nothing to do with you or your product like wishing them all the best and successful life if they read your message, then you can disclose your links once got their attention. If own channel, your message could be also situated either before the track/video or after it (intro/outro). When before it, the more likely to be heard and seen fully. Before getting full picture, you need to know what is getting build here.

Working towards creating a huge hub spot to access all the relevant areas of interest and use for my target (those who train and keep busy). As there is so much information overload, here gets everything relevant sorted out, like we know now there is no need to exercise, eat and sleep too much. You can learn here about your journey from few exercises and twice a week gym visit to becoming fit and healthy for rest of your life. Once here, getting your training and eating tips you can get inspired and motivated in other sections like MOTIVATION or check other medias for more entertainment or motivation like instagram or youtube.

For example, traveling a lot and sharing the experience so you can also do your Travel reading here or watch videos about my travel experience on youtube and even start building online income as new section is going to pop up EARN. There are other useful sections building up like Travel, Motivation and now Earn section, so there is much more value coming up that is still free for you to date. The Q is how to create value to drive more traffic and income potential?

Well, you need to know your target. A lot of gym goers need a good music and good motivation so youtube and music streaming medias are must and your message there another must. The great thing about these platforms is, that it is your segment at right place because they like using the platforms for specific purpose, getting pumped before, during and after training.

It is not just about the training as they listen and watch to it on daily basis for workout music and bodybuilding motivation belongs to our lifestyle. There is other segment growing strong and that would be people who likes motivational videos/music to grow stronger (nothing to do with bodybuilding). So, I used that during corona time as many dropped their intense relationship to working out and turned more to mental motivation. This helped me to settle for more than 200K plays in a month following two months 250K in a row. The gyms are still closed, though.

Also, some research says, multitasking is not effective but it helped me to be one of the best performing agents during my employment at Teleperformance and now makes my work more productive. Watching and listening to workout motivation/music gives me both motivation to carry on and inspiration t create new content, while also leaving behind my message and most likely making it in my playlist that others gonna listen to and share with others.

If you train efficiently, stay efficient in other activities too. Blogging right now helps me to put the thoughts out, keep my mind clear and collect whats being said here for writing an actual book which is going to drive sales. This reminds me of another great idea from bestselling book: “first write your blog, then write a book”. Other great ideas come from two years marketing studies in Denmark and knowing the industry for years. There is another great saying, never reveal everything if you want to be successful, yet going to share with you some ideas on what to promote which apps to use to create audio content and the book, of course. The rest is your doing.

Once you have your own platform, you can make workout playlist or create your own content, use your message, brand and product to get promoted. You can grow by following other artists followers with same interest and they will gladly turn to you as well for they are out there looking for workout and motivation. There are many other ways to grow or get noticed online or in real life that will be discussed in other posts.

P.S. along with EARN section, there will be also LIBRARY section coming out this year for paid subscribers where you can download all the great free literature which will enrich your life in many ways. As to paid subscription, it will be on monthly/yearly basis, the date is not decided but subscription will be very affordable as the main purpose of this site is to give everyone best start and that is by being extremely effective and have the right resources and means to achieve set goals. The real income will flow by other means. Helping others to reach their goals more easily will also help you reach yours with ease. Cheers!


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