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No matter where or how, the goal remains the same.The goal is always progress. Having a good set-up and right mindset will give you much progress. Once, you figure out your mindset and optimal set up of your workout you can focus on how to achieve the progress and how to measure it.

You can build slowly the right mindset in MOTIVATION section and get inspired on how to set up your workout in WORKOUT section. In this post, we are going to touch on how to achieve progress and how to measure it.

There are many ways to achieve progress which will be elaborated more closely in the following posts. You could call it TRIPLE INCREASE. Simply, increasing number of reps/sets, the weight and lastly number of exercises. The logic behind is very easy. When about to bodybuild, you need to learn the right technique and that goes only with increased number of reps/sets and not weight (too much tension).

To know when to increase the weight is crucial. Normally, applying German training volume = 10 reps. When, having someone other around which is extra responsibility you can rely on 12 reps. If you do 10 or 12 and increase the weight, the weight should be slightly increased so that you do at least 6-8 reps and build slowly towards 10-12 and increase the weight again. As to sets, starting with 3 and progressing to 4 before weights go up.

To know exactly how much weight to increase it is good to be on safe side which is why we do compound exercises – using more muscle groups (harder to overload). When you progress with one exercise you progress with the other one (well-balanced). So there is no other way than achieve safe progression and normally add 5-10 more kg on chosen exercises.

The great way to find out which weight to start with in the very beginning if not training solely with your own body is to perform under 50% of your body weight normally 30% on main exercises or see how many reps can you do with your own body weight and work with this numbers. In the beginning you should always focus on right technique and that by lower weights, more reps and more sets. The sets and reps count will be decreasing as the weight and intensity is increasing.

The very last approach is increasing the number of exercises as your strength and conditioning capacity is ascending. We already know that we are building our strong foundation on most effective exercises like squats, push ups, pull ups, plank and row. Our job is to find out how to progress on those plus if increasing number of exercises add some that will be serving complimentary purpose of getting stronger on those main.

Now, it is time to get to final phase and that is measurement of the progress. Well, one is obvious when you clearly see increased weight or number of reps/sets but how to do it more organized is to perform the test of maximal count on these 5 main exercises with your own weight (squats, push ups, pull ups, plank and row). It will give you clear picture on where to improve. If own body weight is too easy add weights or make the exercise more challenging as one limb (check video bellow). Also, each training program should result in better performance on these 5 exercises as these are the basics.

REMARKS: Deadlifts could be done with dumbbells in the beginning; handstand push ups could be supplemented with pull ups if too hard or pull ups could be replaced by handstand push ups if no pull up bar.

The very last step is adding more exercises but not too much as it gives your mind more thoughts and use your strength and energy capacity on exercises that matter little. For that purpose, staked on strong biceps, triceps and lower back as great complimentary exercises (biceps curl, dips or triceps push ups and lastly deadlifts). You can find out more in the video above about the progress measurement and aditional (complimentary) exercises.

The other video shows the process of effective training. To give you a quick update, in the last two months trained with sparring partner. That way you could help someone close to you and focus more on the pump with lower weights, work on technique and get your body prepared (mainly the joints, ligaments and tendons) for gyms to be opened as moving to Portugal in two weeks, and gyms are about to be open there so cannot wait.

Basically, working on finding the optimal weight and building basic strength & conditioning to do the most effective workout and that by heavy-intense once we know what is heavy enough to throw intense workout. It might sound drastic, that´s why it takes proper planning and preparations.

In the video you could also noticed step-to-step creation of more optimal training environment with sauna too (still not done). Hopefully, enjoy last week in sauna before leaving. See you in Portugal? 😀 P.S. How to cycle your workouts which is must to know will be subject for the following topics.