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5 Must Have

Since gyms in Europe are pretty much closed and travel limited I wonder what about the rest of the world. Training from home and simulating 5 most effective gym exercises is not so difficult, except the must law of progression, not the rule cause rules could be broken. So here, one wonders how to make sure out of many other ways, that your workout remains progressive.

Speaking of progression, you need to realize your training goal. Is it you want to maintain your fitness and health or you want to build muscle and get really strong and fit? No matter the goal, the only goal should always be progress. It is not like you are going to train 5 times a week and dedicate most of your life to it. No, you are going to train once or twice a week and be better prepared for your consecutive workout. Constantly achieving the progress with the right exercises while creating the right environment for it, is the main objective of even starting and continuing. There is no sense doing anything in life without striving for progress.

These 5 items are one of the best inventions in fitness and health industry and here is why. One of the main purpose is to secure you progress safely through preparing your body and allowing it to undertake progressive strain. The other main purpose is simply giving you more options to approach your training at home.

Starting with gym mat and foam roller, without it the life would never be complete. Whatever stretching or relaxing activities you are doing before after workout or just need to turn off, mat is a great place where you can start it. From my own experience, you can even sleep on it regularly which is still my preferred option for no back problems, except you have a good mattress. The mattresses needs to be changed after couple of years anyway, making it costly but well-worth investment. Changing places a lot, mat is my well-working effective solution.

As to foam roller, some people cannot imagine their workouts without using it before or after or even starting a day on mat and foam roller. This is probably second best solution to a good massage. And one of the best before and after workouts for quick application and results. Some like it even before workout as it prepares your whole body for the training (you get both warm and increase joints mobility). These two items could be purchased under 50 bucks and staying your good companion for very long time wherever you go.

Your another great decision could be a single wrap. It will help you to achieve safer and progressive workout. The joints are tricky one so making it warm before training by simply wrapping your joints while warming up will help you tremendously to push the injuries at bay. Could be also used while working out to increase safely the weight or difficulty of exercise. Lastly, a great tool for regeneration. Wrap it properly for 1-2 minutes and release. Your joints will appreciate it. A great wrap is octopus with 3 legs. Could be used at any joint with three heads to make it tight.

To give your workout more sense and progress options, weighted vests and pull up bar is definitely a good choice. Doing wider range of motions and more reps will not be enough. You will realize that you can progress with your strength and conditioning every week and sooner or later, you will need to step up. Weighted vests could be even used in other types of training like run.

Pull up bar is not that needed as you could do handstand push ups assisted with wall and add weighted vest, although you could do there probably the most effective stretch that should be done on daily basis and after each workout “hang”. Still though, pull up is one of the most effective exercises, plus once the exercising starts growing on you, you find out there is more to exercising that could be performed with it plus it does not take much space as could be used between door trim and easily removable.

All these items could be yours and big part of your life and giving you many successful years and above all progressive ones. The whole investment will cost you less than 150 bucks #founditonamazon or here when based in Europe – giving you many good years and better quality of life because safe and progressive workout is what makes you stronger, healthier and better version of you.


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