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Goals 2021

There is still corona lurking out there affecting our lives – some more other less. Then, it is your goals and how to execute them in this age of uncertainty.

When situation seems uncertain, the only thing certain is still your food, workout and how to achieve your progress. Operating outside of the gym, my attention went to how to accomplish a good workout with resources at hand to revert stagnation process and even top the previous performance. From this year on, you can get inspired and motivated in new section “Motivation and Workout”coming up.

The initiative got kicked off to provide more value and unlike announcing EfficientBodybuilding where you get fit by training once or twice a week, eat and sleep considerably less to be in control of your time, while still getting extremely fit and enjoying quality life, you could not really see the process. Now you will be able to see more of the workouts and how to progress from them on as other great tips in it. The new project is called Complete Athlete.

This will benefit most to those who aspire becoming well-rounded athletes while remaining effective or just need to get motivated/inspired. Being more transparent and continuing to give free content will create better impact and relationship (rapport) as it is mentioned in one of the great books recently reviewed. Find the free e-book on education of millionaires in attachments below.

To sum up, sharing more of consistent hard-work, effective training, motivation content and other aspects building up your effective mindset toward reaching your fitness and life goals efficiently. This year should also be piled up with competitions and lots of travel but after getting corona myself and got stuck many times abroad for arrangements was being cancelled or went amiss, resolved to stay at one place for the time being. Currently, waiting for relocation to Portugal for my further studies in Sport science that got postponed to month later and still monitoring the situation around competitions.

Lastly, the personal goals remain the same. Travel, compete and progress in my workout as much as situation allows. This requires more time and resources and sadly better pandemic situation. One of the key, is going from part-time self-employed to full-time and to achieve that, you will be also able to get a grip on building online revenues that had helped me to grow from part-time to full-time self-employed individual.

The large part of my online revenues comes from online language tuition so you can review more posts in Motivation section in three perhaps four different languages. This might be more of value to me as it keeps my skills sharp, however it will keep the messages more accessible to larger groups. Read #staystrong in attachments below.

Sometimes, it feels you are on your own but you are never really alone and people are having enough of the restrictions so you could build a powerful mind inside the walls or wherever you go hen listening to this powerful workout and motivation channel where Motivational playlist is accessible for you.


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