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Plan your Run

First of all, when jumping to a new discipline, try to use already acquired knowledge from efficient bodybuilding. What could be especially useful is adhering to your biological clock. Knowing when is the best time to hit your run is first step, the other one is actual preparation and planning.

Running on empty stomach in the morning could be still set to your top performance but would avoid long-distance run (anything over 3000) and weighted vests. The primary use should be to speed up your metabolism. If struggling to lose weight would definitely deploy it.

The most beneficial runs in long-term manner, are those after the meals, ideally in the morning or afternoon where strain, intensity and distance could be amended to larger extent. Thus, you can constantly improve and get closer to your goals when making sure you are well eaten as you going to need more and more energy to top your last performance.

Another great thing is cycling your workouts. It is to no avail to hold strictly to same routine or pursue the same goals. You could lower or increase your speed, distance and weighted vests. These changes do not need to last longer than necessary and you should return to your main goal. From own experience no more than 2 or 4 weeks and should only serve as change of routine.

Speaking of goals, you need to decide what kind of runner you want to be. Running and bodybuilding is not the best combination as running longer than necessary stimulates muscle catabolism. On top of that, running too often takes your energy off your results at gym. So, the only option is doing it efficiently to avoid catabolism of your muscles and reversibility of your results at gym. You will find out in later posts how to prepare for long-distance runs while still being a bodybuilder.

Whether you want to be an endurance runner or a sprint runner and perhaps even an obstacle runner you can still benefit from these tips below.

In the previous post we found out that run could be simply put in two run workouts a week and still being progressive. You could either combine effective methods and focus solely on two runs a week or add two bodybuilding workouts and become more complete runner/athlete and progress safer and stronger.

In this post, we are going to touch on those effective methods to get most out of your two runs a week. You can also review my personal results and run training analysis in pdf attached below.

There are many running methods but personally find Fartlek as the most effective one. It is basically the speed play used by Kenyan runners known to be renowned for their run skills. You can start slowly by adding more speed when closing toward the end of your run or simply apply more intervals until you make it full run. You could apply casual gym rules taking 3 times as much more rest as the actual work period.

In the beginning. you could also do lazy or beginner Fartlek and do the fast walk instead of jogging in rest period.

To keep it smooth, let´s say you start counting 10 – 15s for fast interval (anything from 75 – 90% of your maximal speed) when actually speeding up and counting 30 – 45s rest period after starting to slow down. This will cost you 3s both in the beginning and finishing while allowing safe gearing and also making it more sustainable when running almost top speed only for 4-10s. Would advise to wear running watch or phone to monitor your heart rate.

You can estimate your maximum heart rate based on your age. To estimate your maximum  heart rate, subtract your age from 220. For example, a 26 year old guy has 196 bmp (beats per minute). To get most of your runs, eventually your speed intervals need to get closer to it. As to weighted vests you should always start with slower pace and shorter distance – personally using 5 – 16kg weighted vests. Running uphill/downhill and change of terrain or your track could be used as short-term cycle.

Do not forget this great app that counts your step and gets you rewarded big time. You could get double points everyday for a streak of 20 minutes when running. This could be your next motivating factor to get the most steps within 20 minutes if nothing matters more 😀 The goal is to cash out 1000 bucks for amazon purchase or travel somewhere far far away for the points. You get maximum 50 points a day from walking/running which is 1,5K a month and 18K a year where a voucher worth 1000 bucks o amazon is purchased for 19-20K which means to be realistic, a year and half of being active gets you such a great reward.

Those working on foot could easily claim it when having the phone in the pocket for spending time like that got me 50 everyday. You could also watch 3 ads a day to get closer to your goal. Also, paying 6€ subscription for 1/2 year which gets me more points for steps but you could choose free subscription and probably wait a year more to cash out bigger rewards. Currently over 5K points and been active for 8 months – corona totally crossed my active life. The other great thing is, you could claim some products or services for little to no points at all like free language or get fit courses or health-related products. Click on the link below to get the app. The other great app and training methods will be revealed in later posts.


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