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Tenerife, Spain

Find out how to travel with current restrictions in four destinations; which big sport event was going on in Canaries and some interesting remarks from the journey taken.

The pandemic restrictions differ from region to region and state to state. Mandatory face mask on is must in all countries that had been through (Slovakia, England, Spain, Hungary). Even though, in England saw a few more not adhering to it at all, yet no one prosecuting them. Also, had spent considerable time in Heathrow and Stansted airports – did not notice neither the staff reminding travelers of social distancing and sanitization, nor travelers respecting it. The only exception was the airport in Bratislava who did well on this.

To travel nowadays, one does not necessarily need to invest in PCR or antigen tests. All you need to do is filling out online form that will be sent to you by your flight provider informing you about the conditions prior to entering. Then, you receive either QR code or email confirmation that you are allowed to enter the country.

You should have no symptoms neither be in touch with positive person which allows you the ticket to your destination. In some cases, you need to state you have a negative test but no one was checking it, except from England to Tenerife, Spain where cheaper and faster form of antigen test was allowed even when in continental Spain only PCR. The only country officially not requiring the test was England, although it was the only country who was providing it to do the test at the airports.

It was really a burden to do these forms over and over and usually got two mails per each application. When, you did the form incorrect, you could do it again and get allowed to enter even if first mentioned no PCR performed. Plus, noticed few who had entered the country without the form and was told to do it afterwards.

More over, not had been checked on negative test, neither the form was filled correctly beforehand and were being reminded of restrictions one could say that there is a mess to it and travel is possible and easier than had thought even during this hard times. One of the main downsides were many closed places and cancelled or rescheduled flights which could change your initial plans.

Just realized, there was actually need for one antigen test that could be retrieved for free in some countries like Slovakia and Austria. This allowed me to enter Tenerife. After going home you need to stay in isolation and go to PCR test that should be for free in all countries when arriving from high risk regions, at least for sure in Slovakia and England. The only test that I paid for was in Tenerife just to make sure to have one when traveling to Slovakia through Hungary (was not needed after all). The results must not be older than 72 hours.

If you are planing to travel in Europe coming from European Union, most countries accept cheaper form of antigen test which could be carried out for free in some countries and above all online communication needed to allow you your entrance.

Getting around in Tenerife is pretty cheap and people are nice. You can buy a card that costs 2 euro and charge it with 10 euros for one day of traveling on whole island or 50 euros for a week. It takes few hours to get from one end of Tenerife to the other. My stay was in Puerto de la Cruz (one night in downtown close to sea and very nice apartment with balcony close to everything relevant – only 20 euros) and taxis costs 10 euro but can get you anywhere within town.

It is probably one of the most effective bus systems that I have seen so far. You top up your card and by entering to bus you go through contactless check-in. That way, there is no need to control the passengers, no one slipping the payment, no need for paper tickets. You also got wifi in the buses and charging your electronics available. By the way, the north is greener and more rainy, especially the highest peak in all Spain, PICO DE TEIDE – still managed one good shot.

If you do not have much time would definitely recommend these places: You should not miss the volcanic beaches like Playa Jardin or Playa de Martinez. It is also worth going to Lago Martianez where you pay little for entrance but have closed and nice comfy area with sea water with view on the ocean (also open during covid_19).

Once out of town, do not miss Los Gigantes which is one of the most famous cliffs in Europe. You can get there with direct line from Puerto de La Cruz. There are also direct lines to airports which is great and not so noisy place.

As to food, whenever going to seaside, there must be seafood so experimented with broccoli and was great and grew extremely fond of fresh crispy bakery in the meantime, so stacked up on some cereal baguettes. Also, kept on quark stuffs to put more calories on and nuts like veggies everyday on schedule, of course.

Things that got me during my journey was so many calisthenics parks in one small place and increasingly growing popularity of stealing or abusing shopping carts that is a long established tradition in Denmark and now noticing it all over Europe. The one is from England, though. There is also lots of seafood to choose from not like one shelf in my country.

Unfortunately, Europe championship in spartan race got cancelled. Although, most athletes did the race anyway which is totally understandable. Something to finish with, shopping in England is top right now, considering corona time and pound is really low in comparison with euro. Some top brand stuffs could be retrieved 50% cheaper than on the internet.

Also find very cheerful and useful to lift the spirit and ease the mind with a good motivational or inspiring book, no hard readings just to relax and kill the time during the travel the right way. Find some free e-books below.


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