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The Budget

One of the great lesson I personally learnt is to save some money aside, have your budget under control while creating some side incomes which helps you to be on top of your finances and give you more free time and decision freedom. You are going to learn how to create some side income while realizing the importance of having your own budget.

To get fit and maintain your fitness one needs to have budget, especially when your goal is to travel and compete in your free time. Your cash flow control will decide how much free time you are going to have and how you can spend it. You also need to realize that, creating optimal working environment with little stress is your way to go either get fit or even beyond that. Most find excuses and some would carry on just have no budget and side income.

Fitness costs money so does the life. You can take advantage of following instructions whether you pursue this journey or not. One needs to realize that, we live in the age of possibilities and challenges and you need to be prepared and should not neglect its potential.

Speaking of online possibilities, as it gives you more freedom, than actual job. It also provides you when main source of income fails to deliver or becomes dwindled. It gives you more time to decide the next steps in work-wise as well (finding a new job). If your choice is to stay with one job, then this post is probably not for you but still wise to use these opportunities for relying on one source of income is like relying on luck which only happens to those who are prepared and never fail to show up.

So, do not rely on luck and act now. Bodybuilding learns you to count nutrients so does the money. It teaches you to plan and analyze to maintain healthy hobbies and effective fitness gives you more flexible schedules. You need to be disciplined and responsible. Building your body, you build first your mind. You create stronger personality, immunity system and working capacity. You are more likely to show up at work and perform longer and better.

This brings more money and opportunities. Being in control gives you more time to master new skills which you could utilize in side income potential. For example, travel and connecting with foreign people gave me competencies to improve my language skills and there are online sites that look for online tutors which saves you time and resources to commute and allows you to earn decant money, tax free in most cases. I am open for discussion as I do not know any that would recommend to anyone except Slovak version that I am personally using and covers 1/3 of my side incomes (

There are other sites depending on your location of stay and your skills that could be turned in most cases better money than your actual job. What helped me to advance my language skills are definitely online paid survey sites which anyone can get their hands on. The cash is decent i.e. 50 – 200 bucks monthly (net) and more depending on how much of your time you invest in it. You also expand your knowledge on a big scale. Toluna is probably the best I have tried so far also works in smaller markets like Denmark and tried this one in Germany.

It is mandatory to have paypall account where you receive most of your online incomes earning online if not all of it. When living in most developed countries or biggest markets in the world, then you wont be going short of opportunities and good money.

As there is saying, success compounds success. Travel allowed me to learn and brush up on languages while create friendships, new content, expand my mind, get inspired and blog about my travel experiences even when now it is on hold. Yet, now doing it even more efficiently travel mostly to competitions while taking some free days to get around. So combining the skills and hobbies while getting most out of it is definitely a great choice. Travel gives you opportunity to improve or learn new language, connect with people, clear your mind, create new content and lots of good memories.

Rather be proactive than keep waiting, do not know how much of travel and how limited it gets for the next year so decided to start new section as part of staying in touch with languages (German, Danish posts are coming too in Motivation section). Languages give you more work opportunities as well as more income sources. In some countries and among many young people it is normal to speak two foreign languages so definitely would use your free time for honing those skills. Effective fitness gives you lots of free time so if it is what you seek while being fit you landed here good and you are welcome here and we are going to step up that free time plus get more effective at eating and training.

Blogging is definitely a great choice to set off for. Having some knowledge or lifestyle to pass on and monetize it why not? It can help you connect with like-minded people on top of that, help or inspire others. WordPress is very user friendly and you can download free online guide on how to set up your site (find it below). You can also download other free ebooks to inspire and guide you start online earning.

Do not get deceived by fancy apps offering you cash for viewing the ads even when they came from reliable source. A really great app You must have downloaded right now is sweatcoins. Even when it can get you to scam apps when viewing ads there from time to time (the list of them you find below) they also need cash to stay alive so do not follow this and no worries.

Although, this app works as used some of the offers available. What you do is nothing. You just stay active and it turns your steps into coins. The app does not need to be on but there is a booster for 20 min. if you are active to give you double (hit the workout). There are really interesting offers from travel options to expensive electronics, 1000 USD worth gifts‘ cards for amazon, nike etc. to free language courses or get fit. You can win cash and other interesting rewards daily just by submitting your answer to a question they pose.

Another great option is to do affiliate programs, especially when you have a good traffic. Some of the good affiliate programs being used are amazon German bank bitwala bitcoin generators and supplements from transparentlabs.

What I can recommend you is that if signing with bitwala bank right now you get commission free account and 15€ + 15€ for everyone you refer. The whole process is online and takes couple of minutes just to see your ID to make sure its you, then you wait a while to register. That way, you can earn as much as you want while others benefit from it as well. Oh, and you can transfer to your main bank account with fast speed too. The account can be cancelled free of charge. There are also campaigns like that in other countries too so this is nothing new.

You can also trade with cryptos and have another interesting offer for you when investing just little as 10€ in crypto currencies, you get 20€ free. As to transparentlabs, they have one of the best athletes from crossfit games and probably the strongest guy in the world Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson. If you care about supplements transparency and performance know-how. What is also so great about them it is their affiliate program and their deals so stay updated or be part of their affiliate and earn 20% in commission.

Honestly, I went for them because of the supplements quality and it is also in line with effective fitness values as these guys have also top-knowledge, thus getting really effective supps and the affiliate program + nice promotional deals where just win-win.

This post is not meant to go in depth just to underline the importance of utilizing your free time smartly and effectively as in effective fitness you train twice a week. There will be more space for that in the future posts.

It is also important to use your affiliate links on spots where it matters. You can also promote your brand, blog or products. Being in fitness industry going for youtube fitness motivational content in comment sections is one of many good options. The other useful option is streaming media, whenever there is workout song to be released you post your stuffs in comment section. What I learnt in Denmark on marketing studies is that, once you have a service or product you need to target certain group of interest with their preferred means.

Thanks for your attention and if you have some interesting online opportunities too, be free to share it in discussion. Earning online has lots of opportunities in terms of free time and allows you to invest your time in what matters the most while also giving you more time to focus on your training, especially when becoming an athlete to compete and travel.

There are lots of online gurus and still in search of new options (still new to it) so stay tuned for having enough finances and time leads to one of the main new goals of this blog and that is enough time and resources to get you fit or even make it your full-time hobby.

Scam apps: SpinDay, Word sweety, Super Arsenal, Puppy town, My lucky cat, Merge numbers, Spin royale, Happy Dice and more are being launched.


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