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Plan your Meals

One needs to find a way how to enjoy getting the right nutrition over and over, while not giving it much thought. As this is pretty much the last thought on eating for there is no need to be dwelling on it (use that energy for something that matters more). You are going to be ingrained a new set of skill and that being said, you are going to be on top of your nutrition game wherever you go and whatever situation arises.

Waking up with a thought “what are you going to eat today?” is waste of your focus and energy. That gets many into conflict, yet it solves nothing because it is all about absorbing the right nutrition everyday. The most effective way is simply put all the proven ingredients working towards your goal with precise timing and getting most out of it every single day. Yet, you are going to learn how to enjoy it and get all your nutrients.

To stay even more effective and shift the focus where it matters the most (family, friends, training, job, hobbies etc.), You divide your foods into three simple meals which you can eat and enjoy every simple day in different ways, occasions and wherever you go. Yes, you need only three meals or you can eat as much as you want when considering some boundaries.

Instead of counting calories and wasting time writing down all about it, you need only two information – the time you started your first meal and last meal. I write it down everyday in my calendar as it is easy to reflect on. It shows how much time your body spends regenerating (sleeping) and working. Regeneration is must.

Also, this is rather new but working on a new project (complete athlete) and find it much helpful not to focus on food at all and just enjoy it by eating as much as wanted during eating window. The easiest way to stay accountable is to fix your life and get some control in order to stay consistent. It is like a successful business. When you know which customers are more profitable in your branch, why not focus on them everyday and build a long lasting relationship to get most out of it? find ways to do same things that work over and over in a way you can enjoy it for the rest of your life.

Start a day with M1 (both rich in good calories and nutrients). You can prepare it in different ways depending on your time, resources and mood. This will give the right start and saturates you for a long time. On less active days, you will not feel like eating any soon so focus more on staying hydrated. In this meal you pretty much cover your daily need for fruits, whole grains, fibers, antioxidants, protein and healthy fats.

The great thing about making nuts your priority is their accessibility and affordability when traveling and easily portable. You often find it as a snack when visiting friends or relatives. Normally, eat peanut butter which became my favorite meal. When not so often home or traveling take a pack of nuts. It is literally no problem, and have been eating so on daily basis for 5 consecutive years. Combine it with fruits and natural juices to improve the taste and absorption of nutrients. I also love eating peanuts with banana.

M2 is as important as the first meal for we do not need to stress the importance of veggies, especially those green ones. Make the salad, have the portable lunch boxes at hand to prevent any excuse, add some seeds on top and olive oil and play with the cheese to make it always interesting (recommend brie, goat or ship cheese). I got very loosen up and prepare some kale or broccoli on steam and eat it so along with some tomatoes and cheese, end of story (spending more time with M3 if at all).

This is also extremely effective cause it does not take much time to prepare a simple salad and frozen veggies you can get anywhere and prepare it simply without washing a lot of dishes afterwards. As to M3, I recommend the same. Keep it clean, not too much dishes to wash and it is your call but if it would be up to me, go for nutrients rich foods. You should enjoy this meal the most and no need to make it dirty.

When starting your day right (with M1) it is easier to go through your day with a thought there is only one more meal that must be done M2 and M3 is your call. To do it right, do not do things that make no sense like oversaucing and overspicing it. You learnt in previous post that overheating like barbecue or frying no good choice but then, if you can be disciplined with your two meals, it is way better then, no system.

More importantly, avoid eating two hours before bed and do not eat big portions (over 250g). A normal eating window lasts from 10-14 h. There are days when not feeling like adhering to those two most important meals (m1&m2) simply reduce the portions and enjoy other meals. This normally happens when partying which is like once in two months or Christmas time. It is not that hard at all, especially when you have so much combinations to choose from to stay consistent with those two meals and reward later with M3 or also meal of your choice.

Worst case scenario, I reduce main two meals into one – 100g of nuts with 100g of kale or broccoli which means you have space for two more meals of your choice but that happens very rarely but understand there are days when you might eat something bad and your metabolism is weak so would rather treat myself with some soups and keep low profile with main foods.

As to your third meal, would definitely recommend using these ingredients: whole grains, berries, seeds, legumes, more veggies and different fruits, mushrooms, meat and pasta. Primarily, first eight for their antioxidant and immunity-strengthening properties but also regenerative properties after workout. My favorite M3 is spaghetti with tuna, cheese and ketchup which is extremely tasty and simple to prepare. Recently, found out that, feta cheese is also great for it so there are always new ways to approach it and be consistent. Otherwise, it is always easy to grab some fresh bakery.

P.S. you do not always need to start the meals in right order and quantities, however your consistency will affect your progress towards your goals. Thus, you can easily measure your progress as you know the picture. For example, should I be staying more home or travel less to stick to the system? Should I really be starting a day with M3 and then, struggle to get M1 and M2? Lastly, recommend the free ebook and check the part two and get inspired for the receipts if you lack ideas.

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