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How not to Die

Death is inevitable yet you can revert it or prevent it to some point. If your goal is to get most out of your life, then you must keep the chronic diseases at the bay and know a thing or two about proper eating. Scroll down and Find out how can nutrition help you achieve it.

A great book I stumbled upon made me realize few things while strengthening the knowledge acquired up-to-date. One of the main aspect of efficient bodybuilding is health because it dictates you how effective you get towards achieving your health/fitness goals and how long can you stay so. It is not just the calories but their quality too. Life without adequate health would be to no avail.

The book is from renowned expert on nutrition Dr. Michael Greger. There are two parts to it. The first one is about overcoming most common chronic diseases and the last one stressing the importance of optimal nutrition. The book is hard to read for too much information included, so hope you find the shared information useful, otherwise suggest you to access the whole free book in attachments and jump in topic you prefer the most.

In the introduction, there is a strong message that people die from chronic diseases (coronary diseases on top) not from aging out. It is important to add, that it is our doing which could be amended. This is nowadays trend to supplement the root of all the health related problems with pills or surgeries which do not solve the real cause. All the chronic diseases could be prevented with the food which is more important than being physically active enough. (Berzlanovich et al. 2005) (Lenders et al. 2013)

If you still recall, the efficient bodybuilding revolves around 3Bs rule (Blood, Bones, Breathing). The book mainly stresses the importance of breathing and blood (respiratory and cardiovascular health), where bones is must in bodybuilding. Here you can see that health prevails (2:1 bodybuilding) and also why is it relevant to effective fitness. In other words, you need to be healthy to stay fit in long term.

Long story short, when it comes to overcoming and preventing diseases: low-carbs, high fat and protein based diet is optimal for you. Food revolving around nuts, seeds, and beans with lots of vegetables and fruits where meat is also relevant but not on daily basis, something about 2-3 times a week, though. Instead, enjoy some of the animal products on daily basis like eggs or cheese. The positive effects could be even more stimulated with spicing up your diet on extra nutrients such as  Kurkuma and other cancers´ killer cells and HGH and testosterone boosters

What got my attention in particular are dairy products. There are researches underlining the fact that Scandinavians have the genes for optimizing these products with no harm (if your blond like me you might be the one :D). There are others claiming it to be not healthy while also stressing their benefits. Like it or not, milk is abundant in D vitamin which is must for strong bones to prevent osteoporosis. It is always the quantity and frequency that matters. 

Normally, consuming brie or sheep/goat cheese on daily basis something around 100g a day. It goes great with salad that is top priority. Just a strong fact on milk with other benefits, in USA 52 million people suffer from asthma, where 7 million of them are children (National heart lung and blood institute 2015). The consumption of dairy and eggs can improve lungs activity in eight weeks, however the research failed to provide more details (Yusoff Na et al. 2004).

The book notifies of plant-based diet as optimal, yet the absorption of iron (must for blood and breathing) is mediocre, especially when you drink tea afterwards. Dont drink tea after meals as it slows down iron absorption plus women on period loses considerably more. The books defends itself with other fact that, plant-based is abundant in iron so you get it anyway while I find it ineffective, especially when you are a bodybuilder. Not a fan of vegan neither carnivorous diet but here´s how I roll: when eating plants, absorption of iron is lower so combine it always with C vitamin and eat meat twice a week for complete amino profile or use a good animal protein – normally after workouts.

As to meat, processed and heated is not the option as it is probably the second most accelerating factor towards aging right after smoking cigarettes. Speaking of smoking, the very best thing after quitting you can do is start eating broccoli and kale. The same goes for no smokers too. Kale is probably the most nutrients rich substance on Earth which can prevent and hinder most of the chronic diseases while also protects you from infections that we inhale on daily basis (eat it everyday with cheese and other veggies in salad). 

To those who want to research on their own whats best for their health (dive in the book) or research these healthy stuffs that go like this: fibers, phytate, antioxidants, polyphenol, sirtuins, probiotics, superfoods or each and every vitamin/minerals. To make things easier for you, go for most nutrients rich foods also known as superfoods and make sure to get macronutrients like protein, fats and carbs right. 

As to other cancer killers and mostly HGH and Test stimulators for bodybuilding, try Kurkuma. Personally, using more of powerful roots, herbs and spices and all that in Tea form which boost health, immune, bones, breathing, blood and above all testosterone and HGH but that for later. This yellowish powder (kurkuma) has the cancer blocking pigments which causes strong antimutagenic effect. It was shown that smokers had decline of 38% of cancer DNA creation. One teaspoon daily will do the magic. (Park W. et al. 2013) (Nagabhushan M, Amonkar Aj 1987) (Polasa K. et al. 1992)

The other disputable information that needs to be touched upon is sleeping dilema. Those who sleeps between 7 to 8 hours have the lowest risk of heart stroke. It is common knowledge that full sleep phase lasts to 9 hours and there is phenomenal tennis player (Roger Federer) who keeps in top form even at his age and claims to sleep 10 hours a day. What is true however is that it is not recommended to sleep under 7 hours at least not daily. Sometimes, your best sleep last for 6 hours which are 4 complete phases. From my experience, 7 and half hours which are 5 complete phases works best for me.

Probably, have not said anything new to your extent of knowledge but hope it was inspiring enough for there is too much going about what is healthy and what is not. Yet, the real question is what is right for you and your goals while putting it in the system you can stick to consistently. Check the book for more below, cheers! 


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