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Only 3 Exercises

This post is not intended to be long at all but short and to the point. Due to current situation, there is pressing need for effective home workout. What is great about this workout is its efficiency and effectivity. Before we get there, I want you to understand something. The current situation is not going to affect your fitness level, except you train specifically for maximal strength in weight-lifting or just lift heavy- considering you do not own a gym.

You can still make gains, get shredded or even strong. All it takes is to find the right exercises, make it always harder (progressions/variations) and stay consistent. If you can provide enough rest and quality nutrients, there is no way you would not succeed. Whatever your fitness goal is, you cannot avoid these exercises as they are basics it is like going to gym and trying to hit your PRs (your maximal strength lifts) without warming up prior to that.

The question is what and how to make it effective? There is a research-based study about 5 big exercises (horizontal and vertical push, squat, pulling and core exercise) which made efficient-bodybuilding possible, therefore we have to find a way how to imitate those exercises so that, we can set up an effective home-workout. (Dough Mcguff 2014)

I would like to mention positive thinking in real example. This coronatime is surely tough for most of us but if you always carry on and find ways to uplift your spirit, there is always a light for you in that dark. You were simply forced to train home so you had not other option and all of sudden, you realized there could be only 3 exercises. You can apply it to gym workout, although not going to do it for it is not in line with my fitness goals.

Here is the deal. If you just train for maintaining health or want to get fit effectively, this solution is going to work out well for you. If you are gym guy who wants to lift and preferably heavy, then it is still going to work for you, however not for so long nor it is going to make you insanely strong for you are hardly going to lift over 100 kg somewhere around your home yet these exercises gets done what needs to be done and you can always make it more challenging with progressions.

In warm up, applied burpees and jumping jacks for two specific reasons: compete in spartan race, push ups, jumps and bit of dynamic stretch ideal combination to warm up the whole body fast and properly. Some people might experience limitations for example in squats, go as deep as you can but work on your weaknesses. Instead of adding more strength exercises, do more stretching. Only three exercises is what it takes, now you know it so devote and do it harder and stay consistent, fix the limitations.

It is probably the most effective or the most laziest workout out there but so effective when done right and you can always supplement it with more exercises specifically to your goal. For example, if you are into street-workout, there is a huge stress on shoulder and core strength so add on these complementary exercises. Hopefully, you got it now how to set up your own workout specifically to your goal/need. The exercises in the video are basics you need to do anyway.

As to sets and reps, simple rule: more reps more stamina, more harder, more strength. It would be wise to implement 3-4 sets and make the intervals as short as possible e.g. 30s between sets. Get it done properly as there are only 3 exercises. If you Do the same thing over and over, your progress is going to stumble so you need to step up. Putting a few exercises together (basics) and destroying the workout is what makes you extremely effective. In other words, doing the right thing, the right way. If you lack motivation, try this motivational channel here Cheers!


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