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If you have not heard much about Denmark, then you probably did about Scandinavia. It is considered to be one of the best places to live, do business and raise your family. Some argue about the weather, otherwise there is not much else to argue about. If you have never been to Denmark, try these tips to make your bodybuilding life easier or just get inspired for what to do once there.

Before we set off, check this video to get a feel for the country:

It is relatively cheap to get there, although not so cheap to hang around. The flight from Krakow in Poland to Copenhagen costs from 25 – 50 euros. The other great thing about the flight is the timing if you are the type to wake up early or ” A-mennesker” as they say in Denmark. The earlier you are in CPH, the sooner you can start with experiencing.

As to finding overnight place, would definitely suggest booking app which I am very fond of and got loyalty program, where you get free breakfast at some properties or can save 10% on the deals with other benefits.

It is very user friendly app where you can save the properties and book later or book it and pay at the property or even cancel free. Is it not great? Also got very happy that finally reached level 2 in loyalty program and recently found out another great news, they are working on another level. Moreover, travel articles accessible from the app, splendid 🙂

Luckily, got friends all over the country which allowed me to have more fun and free stay. You can get place to sleep from 20 euros and more for one night stay in whole country. Once in Copenhagen, definitely recommend to jump in flixbus and go to Malmö in Sweden which is less than 2 hours drive also often connections everyday and very cheap (less than 10 euros one way ticket).

It is strange, you just arrived to Copenhagen and you left for Sweden. Well, that is exactly what was like my first day. If your goal is to visit as many places as possible, then this is the way and you still have the evening in Copenhagen or days to come depending on duration of your stay.

Honestly, not much to observe in Malmö, except the center, skyscraper and the castle. Also, for Zlatan Ibrahimovic or football fans, there is his statue that we did not have enough time to take a look at. All-in-all, it is lovely city and not much different culture nor architecture but there was the skyscraper, unlike in DK. Also, we saw more eye catching buildings and e-buses on relatively smaller area than in Copenhagen – definitely worth experiencing it.

As to Copenhagen, definitely worth trying Tivoli and Christiania even when never have done it myself but many did so who I know and gave me positive feedback on it. To me, the best way how to spend the time in Denmark is Danish concept of “Hygge”.

You indulge in cozy lifestyle. When, the weather is sometimes a big challenge there, so is the real life in the world. Some countries are failing to help their population to be their best and live in safer/functional environment. The society takes that in account so they make the living more peaceful and spread the positive vibes. You do not need much to have a nice cozy life. People there, are more likely to slow down, sit on the bench and enjoy the time spent sitting.

Normally, go for a walk (cardio) and observe the center (best at night) and eat and drink somewhere in the center. The best location to hang out for me is Kongens Nytorv. For example, the last time spent quite a lot in Hot buns. The burgers with fries and good beer is so much like Danish hygge. You can also go for more healthier option a salad with chicken and avocado which is top both taste and nutritional aspect.

There is also Beer museum in CPH and those who do calisthenics, would appreciate very popular workout park on Amager beach also called “Amager strand”.

You decide what to do, to me it is more about the hygge concept. Not really there to see much but have cozy time with people you care about doing stupid things like games or just eat and drink together somewhere nice. Eating out can cost you from 10 and normally from 20 euros up and one beer 5 euros and more.

Denmark is also a country of bikes and bikers, more green oriented people (love their waste policy) and you might notice there is much happening as always some district where something under the construction.

As to training and food, shopping at Rema 10 000 or Netto (you might know from Germany), cheap and quality – always get all you need. This goes also for the gym. Fitness world is all over the country, big chain but also becoming more personal thanks to media and how they always set up the place for everyone. Many things to do there such as: functional, core training, boxing, cardio, stretching zones, crossfit and fitness etc., plus there is no better gym than in Aaalborg, Kennedy plads – now they got this special sled push 😮

Some places worth visiting are definitely Aalborg and Aarhus. If not mistaken Aarhus was European capital of culture few years. You could drop by once on your way to Aalborg which is more to the north and take a train from DSB or use flixbus again as it is affordable and comfortable.

It costs between 20 to 30 euro and free wifi, charging possibilities and good traffic with nice views, especially from Aarhus to Aalborg or when going to Vejle through Odense. You probably heard about Danish bridges and green power-plants, it is really nice to experience how things work and look there. Naturally, spending time with good music or ebook reader once hitting the roads.

What is great about Denmark its the libraries, free wifi, chill zones where you can play xbox or Pc, you can also borrow movies, books, however for that you need Danish CPR in other words, got to have residence permit. Although, you could go there anyway and look around and exactly in Aarhus , there are free massage chairs.

In Aalborg, it is a place where, the efficient-bodybuilding got created. What I like about here is basically everything. If you are into fitness and want to try something new or already have been doing calisthenics or parkour, there are two clubs that would take you in even when on holiday there. It is community of physically active people who would really love to share their skills with you.

Honestly, never found a better place to throw a party than Benediktes located on Jomfru Anne gade which is one of the most famous party streets in Denmark and better place to watch football and have a good beer than The Irish house in Aalborg. It was also great to see one of the persons who are into training and still there. It is very inspiring and heartwarming to see that they are doing better than last time we parted. For example, these guys hitting or overcoming their PR´s when training together which is why you love doing it.

You exchange the knowledge, throw a good workout and it is different to train with beasts, you feel like a real beast 😀 Some think, Denmark is too cold. Nope, go to Iceland if want to experience colder climate or more up to north in Sweden or Norway. Cold and higher attitudes are great for your training and health, If you like the scandinavian culture, then Iceland would be also great, except there are no real forests.

Once in Aalborg, go more to north to Skagen or Rubjerg Knude lighthouse, why? find out on your own. Unfortunately, no pic nor video anymore from Skagen but found this from the lighthouse.

Still not done with Iceland as got pretty occupied with regeneration process but managed to climb few mountains (recommend mount Esja) it also developed to a new hobby and had some time to explore Reykjavik. What you should expect is that, Iceland is more expensive than Denmark. The sky and landscape is also much different from what you are used.

People wonder what else you when traveling, pretty much the same. You can make your own salad and would recommend you to take with you peanuts over peanut butter it is more portable.

The north is my favorite part of the world so far

, will keep on returning, hope you enjoyed the post.


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