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After reviewing the goals in 2020 where need for constant documentation to counter inconsistencies in actions and set the bar higher in what must be done where new project “a complete athlete” requires more energy and actions, decided to share with you my purchases and expectations as supps and tools are big part of the process while taking notes leaves more space for feedback and improvements. It helps me to stay accountable to my goals by reviewing my actions and inspire others to do so.

Efficient-bodybuilding learnt me to approach life more productively and that by prioritizing brain over muscles. If you set your priority to be effective it changes you. You can outsource most of your needs and musts at one place like amazon and find deals which spare your wallet and time. I suggest to put more products in your cart so that, you get all your items in one or two deliveries which spares nature and overall cost of the order. The only downside is that, some items are not shipped in some countries or do not have free shipping policy but that has never been a big issue.

You choose your own preferences but when shopping, I always start with amazon and compare the prices and shop a few times a year so you can purchase more of the things at once and be more productive and ecological. As to obtaining the ordered items, it is normally within a week, but you can get it faster for little fee which got used only once due to time pressure.

You can return the items easily and get refunded but that happened only once. When shopping online and being productive, you do not want to spend time in the crowd when in post office. Buy things with certainty, normally do not buy clothes or shoes from amazon unless there is so good deal that must be risked – no risk, no win.

Although, when bought socks and underwear, was more than sure it is going to fit as already got that experience with the sizes described on the internet and actual sizes. It is relatively cheap to get 3 quality socks for 10 – 12 euros not mentioning 6 pack for 15 € and good underwear normally 10 – 20 a piece so 3 pieces for almost 18 is a great deal. An the deal is still on.

underwear socks wrap if try here

So, totally, used the advantage of this promotion where knew that need some strap for the injury to hold out (competition took place in few days) and also could not get any other great deal for socks and underwear quickly while also design to my liking where most got pretty much sold out during Xmas time. This is the first time, quick delivery wa prioritized over standard one due to injury in groin area and needed to be strengthened before the competition.

Now, still using it and plan to continue using it but that for different chapter. My experience is that, socks and underwear sizes online match with reality so no worries (and it did so).

Plus, when buying online you need to make purchases that you will not regret so consider the pros and cons. For me, it is usually books and supplements to pay most attention to for the choice is wide but quality and information scarce. Some goods are considerably more expensive, therefore you try to find why is it so, is the quality superior, is the topic more comprehensively described or something just seems wrong.

You decide based on what is best for you in current situation as we mentioned in the previous post. The real example would be, when got started exercising, chose inferior quality of supps for superior when realized quality is a detail that matters the most but then, saving money on stuffs that serve its purpose well and do not need to be of superior quality. The socks and underwear is relatively cheap but quality acceptable.

it is also wise to read the recommendations when unsure but more sure acquiring items from amazon than other unreliable sites. Also, read description have a goal with purchased item and see whether it lives up to it. For example, I shifted to buying more expensive literature for it offers more information while described thoughtfully plus gathered up-to-date knowledge from more sources. It is also great to get a copy from real experience that is research based like the very information that is shared here.

It is also wise to check google if there is not already free copy on the internet you just place behind the title epub, pdf or other ebooks suffixes. It is known that, ebooks cost less than paper ones so try to be more economically and ecologically wise if that is what lifts your spirit about good purchase. There is nothing like, having your own library at home with physical books and that smell of it once opened but lots of books are way cheaper and already free on the internet use it to your strength.

Another positive shift got carried out by acquiring new ebook reader from Kindle which is my favorite brand where you can also shop ebooks directly from amazon when connected to wifi. The difference between the previous and actual ereader is the memory and ability to read at nights with screen sensors – more useful and practical. This is the basic version when was buying years ago, the price was 30 to 40 euros now it is 80 to 100 euros but the progress worth it. It is also great it is your eyesight-friendly thanks to e-ink technology.

This was quite a big purchase to cover the needs on monthly and yearly basis where also the newest iphone got obtained to make more quality content and also work with some programming and have more storage – the difference between iphone 7 and 11 is way superior. Saved almost 100 euros on purchase from amazon but could be more cheaper if you go to or here – probably should have waited for my stay in the States but then, time is money.

The order included: preworkout, workout straps and aroma candles. Do not want to make this post longer than intended as you will see sooner or later how it benefited the purpose and more behind it but aroma candles are great for sleep and many top athletes use it like C.Ronaldo or R.Lewandowsky who got his best season this year and many more that I lost track of.

The number one option for preworkout is definitely the one from Transparentlabs, however plan to make a big purchase from them once in USA this year to stack up on quality supps tailored to effective training and living. Once this purchase carried out in the States, you save on duties and qualify for free shipping that is only in the States (you can save up to 100 euros). Sometimes, it is hard life for a European citizen 😀

C4 preworkout is very reliable preworkout too got basically all it needs and kicks in well. Moreover, royal jelly is king of supplements (testosterone booster). Not going to touch more on it now.

Lastly, never invested more than 30 euro for book and cannot wait to get my eyes on them as pretty much stuck with ebooks right now but expect to expand the knowledge from it about olympic weight-lifting technique, thus optimize my strength on big lifts and make more space in the workout to use it better through revising the exercise selection.

There is another book about athletes´ performance and health. These will help to increase the strength (explosive, endurance and maximal strength) – detrimental factor in competing.

Also, there are new techniques to improve flexibility, functionality of your movements that could be implemented when gaining more space in the workout as training twice a week is quite complex task when going for all-around athlete as much more attention and knowledge required.

The complete list of the books and items:

iphone11 or iphone11 ; Kindle ; athletes´health and top performance ; olympic weightlifting ; animal movements ; 45 seconds; power calisthenics; muscle revolution; training for strength ; vanilla candles ; training straps ; royal jelly ; C4 preworkout; socks; underwear; hernia belt


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