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Sofia vs. Budapest

When you get bored in Athens and you also had visited most of the Isles or just planning change of destination, the airport is always within your reach (10 euro by metro and 6 by bus). Taking a short trip to closests capitals sounds like a good idea, especially when you are too demanding traveller for these two got much to offer for anyone.

Not too picky nor challenging. Usually, hit roads to train at new places, meet new people and relax in wellness while having a quick look at local architecture and historical sites.

When trip is short, the priority must be set (training and wellness to me). Well, exposing yourselves to unknown places, got a restricted internet, eager for new experiences, succumbing to shopping spree and it is almost time to leave, so getting your training done, few distractions and spending rest of the day somewhere in Spa is so much like me.

If you can relate to my experience, then you could definitely use your time well in these astonishing cities. You know guys, training for 6 years and it gets even harder to progress and stay committed, so you make it more bearable for quitting is never an option. Being extremely fit could help you earn more cash (good mood, positive mindset, not a single sick leave). You can also do more and get more productive (effective is our way, right?).

Some places are cheaper, some more expensive based on where you dwell but Budapest and Sofia was a very pleasant experience. If you use Ryanair, it is 20 euros from Athens to get to Sofia or Bucharest (must try it out, received very positive feedback) or you can go for Budapest cca. 40 euros to get there.

As we talked earlier in previous blog, location matters a lot (accessibility, quality sleep). Honestly, you can use roaming for data when abroad so you do not get lost but I rely on my instincts (my orientation sucks 😀 ). Somehow, always make it to final destination. When arriving to airport you can check how to get to a place of your stay or before going somewhere else (if no data google maps always show you where you are).

I think, it is more fun to use your senses for once, instead of our phones. When you go out without data, you observe everything cautiously and trust me there is always something that pops in your eye and catch your attention (architecture/ main attractions). In case you get lost you can always ask people around or check google maps (so no prob., no stress).

There are places where you got someone to stay in, otherwise you need to find an alternative. Hostels or Airbnb sounds as most rational choice if you prefer to spend more money out than on your accommodation (shopping, food, spa/wellness or what suits your mood).

Airbnb is great but to have one option to rely on is somewhat irresponsible. What is awesome is, how they want to retain clients (Loyalty programs). When you refer someone or it is your first stay you get some discounts or for example, just got happy for becoming a loyal customer with site “booking” – most prefered option. If you have two stays during one year, you can also achieve it and get 10 % of your next deals.

Download the app and find your stay. To give you a good suggestion where to stay “nice deal and highly accessible from airport.” First of all, going to Sofia, the train (metro) operates until midnight from 5 A.M. (it is also good idea to avoid night flights for best regeneration during sleep bet. 10 P.M. to 2 A.M.).

H2O Hostel

The place I stayed in, costed me no more than 40 euros for 3 nights and very close to metro station – so all you need to do is get to metro from airport which is right there and in 30 min. you get out and 10 min. of walk and you there ( you can also use the pin they send you so you can check in anytime).

City Hostel Corvin

Same story in Budapest, unfortunately, arrived around 12 A.M. – no worries use Minibud a “shuttle service.” For a single person its 15 or 17 euros if not mistaken (cheaper than taxi + you can pay with card and you see it precisely where luggage claim so you cannot miss it. You can pay even less if you are lucky to find more persons going your way.

It is safe and comfortable and they can take you even back from your place of stay, however, the bus and metro will not cost you more than 5 euros. To get back to your place of stay or back to airport you must take bus line 100E to drive you from Kálvin Tér (metro station) to the airport and when back to hostel you take metro it is the next stop called “Rákóczi Tér.” You could also walk from the place of your stay to Kálvin Tér (less than 20 min. if you have no big luggage).

Shortly, when staying in Sofia, check Pulse Fitness (best gym in the country) – it is also a best gym I have ever entered (see more on instagram). The gym is close to H2O. On top of that, on your way back you can access private wellness (15 euros for 2h just for you) – located in Grand Hotel Sofia **** not mentioning you are few minutes walk from the center.

When in Budapest, use discount even when it is only 1 euro and you pay 19 but it is a whole day stay in famous spa “Gellert.” To tell the truth, expected more things to do there but only 2 hours there and my body felt great especially legs (they specialize on joints if read it right somewhere). You know, you hit workout park which was also worth it (one of besties), then in 10 minutes of walk you are in different world and you get out and feel well.

The streetworkout park is called Kondipark and it is one of a kind in Budapest (if you do calisthenics you will know it). You can check where to train out on this great site “Calisthenicsparks” That would be it, just do not forget sausage once there (to me and many people who I know, the hungarian is the best and perfect combination would be green and brie, especially, the brie).

Of course, the park and the spa is close to your location 30 min. to workout park and to Gellert 40 min. (the walk is refreshing, nice views and easy to remember no worries). Since, I fell for Tuborg (soda) in Greece, next to reception (24/7 check in) in City Corvin Hostel, there is automat where good and tasty vitamins in it + low calories – try swiss quality. Cheers!


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