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Do you need Supplements?

Well, it was mentioned here once and I keep reminding it that supplements are not needed yet, they are inevitable. Depending on your goals and commitment or it could be even your budget, you must make up your mind whether you implement it in your diet or not. If you do, make it smart.

There are some objectives to be considered such as: Are you time limited? Do you seek constant progress? Do you want to get fit smart?

If your answer to all the above was “YES,” then you are going to benefit a lot from this site but that is not the real issue. There are different types of human bodies and then, there is what you can and cannot change.

Whether you like it or not and want to survive this journey until you get what you strive for, eventually, you need to resolve to take on supplements. They are as much important as your food and training for it makes things effective, safe and right.

The more fit you get, the more active you get (supplements required). You can hardly get all the nutrients just from food but might be well off if you are disciplined and lucky enough to know what to eat to get most of it. If you seek progress and are busy or just can not achieve your goals, then its must for you can literally change your genetics thanks to grinding and right supplemening.

Speaking of genetics, there are three types of human body: Mesomorph, Endomorph and Ectomorph. Some are made for this, some are not but that is not excuse. Otherwise, there would not be efficient bodybuilding. If you struggle to gain, lose or just want to get as fit as possible, you need to make sure everything you do and take works toward your goal for everything in your body is connected.

Something to get your attention is “how much muscles could you possible build?” The more muscle tissue you build, the easier life gets. By the look at the table below, you can figure out how much muscles can you build.

First year up to 11 kg second up to 6kg where 4th year only around 1kg (maximal capacity)

The beginning phase (first two years) are of utmost importance (if you can use the supplements the right way, your big win). Although, if you eat and train right you can get much in return anyway. Therefore, I would consider supplements as critical in later phases where not much muscles could be built.

Just to refresh your memory, the more lean muscles you build (naturally) the better and fitter you look while also burning calories more efficiently (you can handle more cheat meals and even benefit from it vastly).

What is also important is absorption of nutrients and its quality. There is plenty of research on how much more effective you could get when doing things right (quality over quantity, all the inner processes works your way). And there is more to it. Some products make you feel fresh, more energetic and help you cut fat or gain lean muscles.

It is also wise to mention “hydratation” when touching on absorption for it has tremendous influence on its efficiency. If you wonder how much water to drink a day, drink spring water to avoid sweeteners and chlorine with other hormonal balance affecting substances in tap water. As a rule, 1 liter of spring water per 25 kg of body weight where in warmer months and more active lifestyle would be nice to stack up on extra liter.

What I personally find the most relevant when it comes to supplementing is your goal. It is not my expertise to know everything, I still keep learning but what captures my attention is effective solution for I like keep busy where there is not so much space for training and cooking at least its not how I would spend most of my time.

Therefore, I have made a commitment to keep on learning, watch the experts and do lots of experiments while staying progressive and have fun. One of the biggest discoveries, were the ability of ful muscle regeneration (3-4 days) which means you can train to failure only twice a week, if fully committed even once a week is enough. Your body is closed system so everything is connected on different levels – the more you do to contribute it, the further you get.

This means you have two trainings a week to get most out of your body, why waste it on inferior quality food and supplements then? If you want to get fit smart and stay progressive while having lots of energy and be very productive you need to not compromise with quality and also understand how body works.

The faster you can ingest quality nutrients, the stronger and more intense you can train which leaves more damages afterwards (more fat burnt, more muscles stimulus). This goes the other way around as well. The faster you can absorb the superior nutrients, the better you can recover where 3-4 days of rest make sure you avoid injuries for being fully regenerated. In other words, you can make every workout progressive and not your time go to waste while safely getting closer to your goals.

With time comes more confidence, strength, energy and positivity in life. Still training twice a week but having more fun and sometimes when train three times a week but not so heavy and intense just on my way to master calisthenics.

Six years into bodybuilding, learnt me to prioritize the quality and identify myself with brands that represents more than just quality but are extremely effective (experts in the field, good logistics) and caring (nice deals, marketing and opportunities). for they are big part of my life and represents what I stand by: “Quality, Effectivity and Prosperity.”

Dr. Frank-Holger Acker (2018). Ernährung für (Kraft-Sportler). Printed in Germany by Amazon Distribution GmbH, Leipzig. AMAZON Herbalife Transparent Labs


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