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What else to eat?

Once you commit to eat green veggies with nuts while make it more pleasurable with variations, you can spice it up with more pleasure to stay on the right track. Quality calories are must and to know what to eat is like a swimmining in safe waters where nothing unexpected could happen only progress.

To get great results in bodybuilding and in general, you need to outsource your focus so you can shift it to what really matters. Eating should be more of an enjoyment than a hated routine. If you dedicate to clean eating, you find out is not that bad for you feel a way better (fresh, strength, energy) and avoid being sick while also getting the body shape you strived for. You might also get surprised, you do not feel like eating much or too often (at least not more than you really need to).

It is not important how many meals you eat as it is with what and how often you eat. Nuts and Veggies with few relevant supplements is enough but what if you exercise or keep active and need to cover more calories? Well, you can increase the amount of nuts and veggies some days but that must be a drag not saying it is not an option but let´s have a look at what else could be done to make it both pleasure and your goal-oriented.

First of all, depending on how active you are or you try to gain or lose weight you need to get your calories right. This is not as precise as you might think but mentioning some factors to be aware of and do some math about how much you should cover of which macros is great thing to start you right.

It would be also reasonable to be accountable and watch over your calories and weight to realize how much you really need and feel comfortable with. You could use some tracking devices like the phone or watch and build some lifestyle around it for example, walking to work every morning costs me this much calories and you do it routinely so you know what it takes and once you do extra you can eat something extra that is in line with everything that is done here.

So, you should know definitely something about basal metabolic rate which stands for energy needed for a day when resting to make sure everything functions properly. To get a clue, you need to take a look at formula below.

Basically, 10 times your weight in kg + 6,25 times your height – 5 times your age – 5 (for men) and “for women:”
10 times your weight in kg + 6,25 times your height – 5 times your age + 161 = X Kcal

When this is done, you need to point out how much more calories are you going to need. in that case, you time your calories (basal metabolic rate in kcal) with your daily activities.

Speaking of other influences, quality of food, hormones, temperature, sleeping patterns, stress and your lifestyle. It is complicated to find out how much you need so best advice would be to be aware of what you put in your mouth and eat 200g portions with 3-4 hours windows where not eating 2 hours prior to your bedtime nd training session.

Instead of overcomplicating things, figure out your BMR and add some calories from real food relying on your daily activities. You should strongly consider other factors such as “sleep and lifestyle”because two days with insufficient sleep (under 6 hours also quality relevant not just the amount) leads to 70% of likelihood of overeating with sugars and salty junk. Drinking and smoking leads to extra calories, dehydrations and mood swings such as hormonal imbalance.

As nuts and veggies proved to be a great foundation to revolve your eating habits around, considering a good salat with more fruits and veggies included in your diet while not underestimating the importance of cheat day will work for you just perfectly. To make it right it should align with your objectives to either gain or lose weight.

Want to lose weight? To be honest, it is better to eat right and more than not to eat enough. On top of that, when you train and eat effective you will build lean muscles which handles extra calories more effectively. If you want build muscles you must have caloric surplus e.g. 200 – 300 kcal while failing your muscles twice a week, which brings growth. As we do thing effective here, making sure you get most out of your eating and training some factors must be taken into considerations like hormonal balance, 3B rules and increasing your strength and energy source.

If you going to eat extra, make sure your food is rich in nutrients, low in carbs and support strength, energy, bones, vascular and respiratory system. You can download the copy of foods that are extremely effective towards these objectives and have fun eating while staying your goal oriented.

I used to stress about what I am going to eat, how much of it and if its gonna work out for me so I made a list of foods that are fine to combine with some green veggies and nuts for no one is 100 % neither you can eat the same all the time but yes, I do not remember a single day in last 3 years I skipped green veggies and nuts – you could decrease the amounts but make sure you get it right.


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