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Green Veggies

Here we go once again. Speaking first of nuts consumption now jumping into veggies. Those who have some interest for exercising and health surely know that, green is good, especially, the veggies. Making it routine would be more reasonable than picking a fruit. However, there are some fruits like melons and avocadoos which are also green and great but to get most out of your daily nutrition intake while straighten out your budget and get best commited, a good system must be put in practice.

You already know something about the nuts but what about this green veggies power house? It does not take a lot to make your salad quick that would benefit you tremendously or just unfreeze some ready to eat. It takes me about 5 minutes a day to get ready all the meals while keeping the budget low and quality high. First things first, why is it so important?

All the intakes you make during your day are important but how are veggies contributing to getting fitter, stronger and build more mass? Simply put, you cannot get all your nutrients just from nuts nor there is any meal that can fulfill this task. Let see it from other perspective. Eating nuts will make sure you get most of your macros while increasing your strength and energy but cannot make complete gains and keep you healthy.

In that case, nuts could be seen as your main macros to provide proteins for muscle building blocks while allowing you a rich source of quality energy comprised of healthy fats (strong and productive). When, it comes to micro nutrients there is the role that veggies perform best. Micro nutrients serve for energy and proper functioning of your body, thus allowing vitamin and minerals to play its part.

We talked lately about “3B´s rule” that is found extremely effective in building stronger and more productive you for there is vast importance of strong structure (bones) to wrap muscles around it to keep it the weights heavy however to keep intensity going you need optimized nutrition logistics (blood) and breathing to even more speed up absorption and delivery of vital nutrients. If you do not get the nutrients, body will respond in weakening bones for extracting nutrients stored there. So, veggies are great for micronutrients to keep everything above order.

One of the main benefit of consuming it on daily basis is strong bones , proper muscle and nerves functioning while also contributing to increasing your energy level, thus doing more while you need less energy (training twice a week, eating 3 meals a day). What´s great or perhaps not so great is not so rich in calories so you still need to get a grip on your nuts intake or just use more of veggies to lose weight safely.

Eating green veggies is not as effective as knowing exactly which one to prioritize. I would strongly recommend green leafy. To save you energy of looking for most effective, try spinach, kale (sprouts) or broccoli. If you want best, choose kale for its nutrients denser than the rest. You can get yourself frozen one and spill boiled water over it to make it melt. That way you make sure most nutrients stay inside them even though you could get yourself unfrozen one and cook it on steam. Whichever way suits you well, do it.

These two meals (nuts & green) is the foundation of all that is being done here. Having these two meals benefited me and other athletes, bodybuilders enormously. if you cover that everyday, you find yourself winning everyday. Now, that you now how much your body benefits from 3B´s you align everything to it your food, training and lifestyle and shit happens.

Lastly, if you eat nuts and veggies its good to make a balance cause 200g of nuts a day and 50g of veggies is not worse than not eating it at all but than it might not be enough for your goal so do it properly. For example, my consumption of nuts is around 400g where veggies amounts to 350g. Aside from that, I do not eat much just supplementing. P.S. always mind your macros even when eating clean.

Go for Nuts

3B rule


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  1. I love the information you presented here. The simplicity of dietary prep goes over most people’s head so I’m glad you could make this article to show healthy and efficient eating.

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  2. I love how everything about this article. Laying down the foundation of quick and efficient healthy eating is key to consistent success! I appreciate the article and the great information man, keep up the great work!


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