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Go for Nuts.

Why so many pro-athletes going nuts? And how to make it your routine to optimize your health, performance while building lean muscle mass and losing fat in the same time?

First of all, many pro-athletes and fitness stars have one in common, provision of quality nutrients and its fast absorption is not to be compromised with. You can learn a lot in general just by watching these guys but then, what is behind eating those nuts and how to accomplish quick absorption of nuts intake while doing it on daily basis?

Too many questions to start with, right? Let us look first at the benefits. Nuts are not just low in carbs, thus stimulating more growth and testosterone hormone release in the blood taking credit in faster absorption of nutrients and faster and better gains while losing overall body fat composition but also nutrients-dense food rich in good calories (stronger & more energy). However, eating just nuts is not very pleasant business neither it is a good idea to solely rely on this food.

Always think of the goal and how you are going to achieve it. Whatever goal you might have, considering health and macros is must for everyone, especially to those who hit gym. Instead of procrastinating whether go or not to go nuts, find a way how to implement slowly this essential food in your life on daily routine. Be it in smaller or larger quantities, you decide considering the goal and time you have.

The longer you exercise or live, the more you realize the importance of healthy habits that build up better lifestyle and relevance of your health that leads to more quality life. As we do things effective here, some great tips are about to be shared with you on how to cope with your nut issue.

Nuts can be just as tasty as any other food plus it is widely available on the internet and in stores where you can do it more comfortable to consume it with variations. Same like your training, you need the right system and variations to stay progressive. If thereĀ“s no progress there is no clear journey towards your goal. It would not be easy without a commitment so how to get committed?

Knowing what you want and how to get it is one thing but how to get the job done? You must believe in the process. Knowing the importance of nuts and how to make a variation to it makes you driven for you are surely getting to your destination. Majority find it challenging to hit gym regularly and eat lots of things while preparing it. Hitting gym twice a week and have a meal or two that is very effective to build on could be a great solution to your challenges.

Nuts might not always be inexpensive depending on quality and which type, although its a great investment in long term as you find yourself healthier and more productive, thus doing more and getting less sick which saves you lots of bucks and earns you some. If you are more economy driven, then pack of nuts will be your initial choice where supplementing it with peanut butter. Other great nuts are walnuts and almonds or even pistachios.

Only 200g of nuts accounts for 1200 kcal which is more than 50% of calories needed for inactive individuals while doing smoothies with peanut butter adds even more nutrients and calories that are faster absorbed which makes it even better. I like to eat peanuts with banana makes it more bearable and give more of essential nutrients and good calories. We are not talking here about bananas but yes they are good but do not overdo it as one contains 20g of carbs where best would be the green one.

When choosing peanut butter, avoid added palm oil and sugars. Lastly, nuts are especially, rich in magnesium which is great for your health, muscles and nerves. This makes you lift more and faster so that, you get more out of your training and regeneration. It also contains fibers to make you less prone to overeat and serve for faster absorption of nutrients. And it all culminates with lowering your cholesterol and reduce inflammations after training or just in general. So why not go nuts when it seems so easy and effective in the same time?


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