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Which Supplements.

First of all, supplements are not food and you do not need them if you can get everything from the food. However, it is must in effective fitness and for everyone serious about training, especially on top level, why? its extremely hard and ineffective to get all the required nutrients from the food plus it can create mess in your eating habits.

The more active you get or advanced in training, the more nutrients you need. You might be actually surprised that, you do no need any gym supplements that are so popular nowadays.

Although, you must realize that, without progression you cannot reach your goals and with progression your need for nutrients is more stressed. You deplete your resources more but that is only good as it signals more growth. This might be called ineffective in some ways but rather spend money on quality supplements than quality time.

Progression is hard to achieve, especially after 6 months of training where you either get more disciplined or start looking for other ways, for example “supplements.” Bodybuilding itself is not an easy thing but getting the right knowledge gives you a great start which makes your efforts more visible.

The best advice I could give you is to take supplements from the start if you are 100% ready to change your life through exercising, why? You can increase your Testosterone and Growth Hormone production by up to 200% (naturally) while also improving your bones, cardiovascular and respiratory health which are must in bodybuilding and right body functioning. 


The supplements I am going to share with you creates optimal anabolic environment by enhancing the above which has tremendous effect on lean muscles, regeneration, fat-loss, performance, strength and your health. All the supplements are used on daily basis and are must if you want to reach your goals efficiently. 

Before jumping on most effective supplements, we must demonstrate few things like How to choose the right supplements and how to classify them according to use. Everything that is shared on “efficientbodybuilding” is top knowledge and comes  one-in-one together. Therefore, we mention once again “3Bs” and “Circadian rhythm.”

To choose your supplement you must know your goal then find what serves it well. To keep everything going smooth you rather trust quality over quantity.  

Therefore, we distinguish between morning and afternoon supplements where also pre- and after-workout supplements come in play. First mentioned is to keep your body in optimal “anabolic state” maximizing protein synthesis bring more strength and energy with adding on size while the following is to enhance your capacity to perform optimal (focus).


spirullina – chollera – ginkgo/ginseng – guarana/shitavari- multivitamin -fish oil

Fast absorption after not eating for long when in sleeping phase must be used to your advantage by maximizing absorptions time. Starting your day right with fresh look.


spirullina – chollera – goji berries – royal jelly 

Giving the system light boost to keep productivity up.


preworkout Transparentlabs bulk/creatine – glutamine – carnitin (only workout days).

Creating maximal focus to make every lift count while also make every nutrient count in regeneration phase.

Why exactly these supplements? because there is hardly something more effective as each supplement must fulfill very strict criteria and that by not disturbing hormonal balance (to keep right body functioning), support “3Bs” (blood, bones, breathing) and create very anabolic environment (enhancing muscle growth).

It is also important to think of Circadian rhythm where being more active in the morning while tailoring your supplement choice to it gives more productive days and better sleep at night (effective regeneration).

Another point is, homeostasis (right doses of stress that are very beneficial for you). Start using less while focusing primarily on food. Your demand for supplements will be spiking for trained person burns twice as much as untrained and this is the state where supplements play a big role in progression.

Now you know how far you must get. Maintaining your body in long anabolic state is exactly what it takes to get you there (your fitness goal). That is only achieved by training as intense as possible, stretching a lot, providing enough quality nutrients and rest while also decreasing stress and pollutants in your body. Now you also know your goal. Focus on the process and enjoy.

Although, there is no supplement for consistent hard-work but starting right gives great chances when trusting the process is most crucial aspect in achieving your goal. 

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