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3 Most effective Foods.

After touching on effective eating (fat rich diet), supplementing (3B + Test/HGH) and training (heavy intense), we know that hormonal balance is the main goal for setting things right where enhancing our cardiovascular, respiratory and bones health (3Bs rule),  will increase our training effectivity and day-to-day productivity significantly by allowing us to perform and regenerate optimally (effective fitness).

The question is what, when and how? but first, why is it important? Knowing when to show up and showing up is one thing but being in state of giving your best takes proper preparations and that by a good nutrients logistic. Nutrition is language of our cells. This allows you to eat 3 meals a day while training twice a week and get fitter than you would imagine. Not mentioning other health benefits where you prevent most of the diseases just by the way you eat, train (Logi foods).

When it comes to your eating habits you must keep an eye on your macros as food is energy that must be either burnt or stored in form of fat or muscle. Your macros varies depending on your activity level during a day. It is also important to note that, timing, quantity and quality are decisive factors for effective depletion and replenishment of glycogen in muscles.

Other things to take into account: your circadian rhythm (bodyclock), your fitness level and goals, training or rest day. These will affect your motivation (consistency) and performance but also your goals achievement. If striving for increased productivity, lean muscles, strength and performance, your food list should get effective and that by understanding daily inputs and outputs and make them work toward your fitness goals.

In other words, training intense and heavy (overall goal) requires more nutrients because it burns considerably more during and after training (ideal for fat-loss and muscle growth). The need for nutrients increases with advancing fitness level – you also burn twice as much as untrained person. If you want to get lean and unleash your full potential (effective) you must create ideal environment for your development (anabolic not catabolic). 

Be aware that, food list below is made by incentive to maximize performance, stamina, strength effectively while regenerate optimally (lean and strong) and that by applying “3B” rules. Enhancing respiratory, cardiovascular and bones health (also joints) while significant releases in natural Testosterone and Growth hormone through dieting, training and supplementing fights inflammations, prevent injuries, diseases and keep you in hormonal balance (maximal effectivity for achieving your goals).


First meal: 30 min after waking up, ideally between 7-8 A.M. because your melatonin production stops (melatonin = good sleep). This means your body is ready to work/digest optimally. The absorption of nutrients is second best (best after gym or other vigorous strain) so use it well. Start your day with foods rich in healthy fats and protein.

Why? Fat has more in calories (1g/9kcal) than other macronutrients (protein and carbs = 4kcal , alcohol = 7kcal). Thus, brings more rich energy – you stay longer saturated (no need to eat by noon). Also, keeps insulin low which brings more HGH and TEST (strength, energy, faster regeneration). In other words, fat = optimal energy, protein = optimal recovery and strength while you also get benefits of Logi foods (low carbs) prevent diseases + increased release of good hormones.


Second meal (2/7 daily macros): If following Circadian rhythm,  your cortisol levels will get significant drops ( you get a bit tired). Therefore, ideal time for a quick nap (30 min) after second meal where you should get some carbs as well (rich in fibers, nutrients). Carbs are still needed in glycogen storage but overdoing it will keep your insulin up (more fat storage). The fitter you get, the better you get at utilizing carbs and fats.

The point of second meal is to get another energy boost while taking advantage of Low carbs diets. Just to make an example of “3Bs” in practise, peanut butter is very nutritious  (bones/joins), rich in protein, fats and low in carbs but high numbers of fats (can lead to high blood pressure) so always combine it with “blood friendly” foods (green leafy, red beet).


Third meal (2/7 daily macros): Ideally before 6:00 P.M. because of highest blood pressure during a day plus the last meal should prepare you for a good sleep (effective regeneration). Therefore, avoiding foods high in carbs (insulin, cortisol up), try magnesium (melatonin secretion = good sleep) and good protein instead. Some might stay long up so as long as you avoid high and medium GI foods (glycemic index), all is right. Just remember no eating 2h before sleep so everything in the body concentrates on rest and flushing toxins away.

You might have noticed, that there is no meat except bit of bacon in the end of day (ecologic). Not eating meat is extremely effective for a few reasons: less Co2 in atmosphere, quality meat costs money (not gonna eat cheap meat on pills), preparation costs time, also diminishes flexibility – less ROM (range of motion) = not using your full potential.

Although, cannot neglect huge benefits of meat in bodybuilding. Go for fish like tuna in can (with water) cheap and relatively good quality, otherwise go for normal meat if you keep it twice a week or so. Use it as your cheat meal (twice a week). The other thing, you deprive yourself of many nutrients so make sure your diet is rich in nutrients. Stack it up with good vitamins if you must.

Advise a doctor before changing your eating habits if you must. For some foods low in carbs and high in fats might bring some disturbances (stomach). My discipline is more than good so I eat this meals everyday only changing cheat meals and have been like this more than 1 year and been constantly progressing in all aspects of the above focus.

Lastly, it is not about which diet which food but quality. You can be well off on diet rich in carbs but make sure that carbs come from unprocessed foods and also how much and when you consume. Reaching your goals is about hard work and consistency but some might find it extremely hard or confusing, therefore I focus on effectivity saying straightaway how the body works optimally and what works best. 

If you can picture yourself being lean, strong, productive and healthy just by training twice a week or even once and eat considerably less and enjoy other benefits of life by giving yourself more freedom then its definitely for you. I rather find solutions how to stay consistent than excuses. The more advanced fitness level the more sweet and other junk foods you can enjoy it is only hard in the start, then is more than fun. Find the ingredients of the meals on @imrehw with closer description 🙂 






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