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Most Effective Foods and Supplements.

Before we jump straight to the point we must ask ourselves “most effective for who?” Many claim to have best solutions for your problem but what is the truth? If you strive for lean, strong and productive body you must become effective and that by comprehensive understanding of your body physiology (proper body functioning) so you can use it to your advantage to make your trainings optimal (every rep matters). 

As we talked earlier, bodybuilding consists of execution and regeneration where we must develop certain amount of stress (in right doses so training less instead more) which must be progressive to bring about positive changes in your body, performance and life. Stress can be either negative (chronic) or positive (Hormesis). We face stress everyday which challenge us mentally and physically. The body was not designed to face it all the time which leads to hormonal imbalances (food, lifestyle).

But you already know all that, so how we can increase our chances of achieving hormonal balance through proper food and supplements to give ourselves edge? Motivation gets you started but discipline is what gets you results. I found many fail because they have no understanding of what they are doing which give them no or unimpressive results. Feelings play also a huge role, how you can do your best if you simply do not feel your best?

All these considerations played a huge role in my eating and supplementing, and changed my life for the better one (hormonal balance). Now enjoying active life, other disciplines and preparing for competitions (keep fingers crossed for me) 😀 You are about to find out how to stay fresh and strong during a whole day with smile on your lips but also how to get lean and improve your performance or day-to-day productivity.

First and the most important rule “Quality over Quantity!” It is in your best interest to choose whole foods over processed foods where organic origin gives you extra edge (you get rid of chemicals plus get more nutrients). When it comes to supplements avoid intransparent companies with added additives and insufficient nutrients ratios.

The food and supplements must be in line with “3B rule” which stands for Blood, Bones and Breathing while being low in sugars (quality protein and fats- Logi foods). When it comes to supplements, some contain sugars (healthy but considerable amount) but are very effective (Focus, 3B rules + Testosterone/Growth hormone)  -use it reasonably.

If you ask yourself why? you rather refresh your knowledge  here.  Just to recap quick, diets low in sugar not just keep your insulin level optimal (more energy, less fat storage) but also diminish overeating cravings, keeps you better fueled during a day (more calories/gram) and increase production of good hormones getting you closer to leaner body (serotonin, melatonin, HGH, Test). This is not just must for well-being but also for effective life and fitness.

Focusing on “3B rule” is not just what you need to support your progressive performance at gym, life but also to bring about effective regeneration and more productive days (strong bones = heavier weights, improved breathing = more strength and more calories burnt, blood = more strength, better nutrition logistic).

We must also understand the role of macronutrients (fat,protein, carbs, alcohol) and micronutrients (vitamins, minerals). Macronutrients contain calories (kcal) where Micronutrients don´t but are relevant for performance competencies! Macros are relevant for covering daily need of energy and regeneration (muscle, strength) but micros give you extra boost affecting your overall health and well-being (performance, motivation). Logically, your food choice should be also rich in vitamins and minerals as you deplete it after vigorous training.

The other thing taken in consideration are Gut bacterias affecting your hormonal balance. Upwards of 95% of body´s serotonin (optimal digestion)  is located in your gut which directly affects brain. If you adhere to bad eating habits (preservatives, processed, antibiotics, chemical additives, chlorinated water) you diminish your potential of getting desired results considerably. In other words, your digestion drives your brain (bad fuel makes you make bad decisions) – food is information.

You also know by now relevance of quality sleep. It affects both effectivity of your regeneration and mood thus, decision making. If you neglect sleeping, your brain says more Yes to sugars or other junk foods which mess up your gut flora, not mentioning decreased performance. Therefore, eating good-sleep nutrients also worth consideration. Just remember it must be in line with “3B rules” and which macros you want to focus on (fats or carbs?). If carbs always healthy ones but you already know the power of fats (most effective for well-being, lean body and performance).

If you choose to go for carbs diet you must get minimum 45% of carbs, 10% of protein and 25% of fat. Carbs are good if you get them from whole foods or fruits (be aware of sugar, 50% of population has problems with consumption of fructose). Why they are good? they contain fibers (minimal need 25-30g a day for proper body functioning). This lead us to the next point.

Faster digestion increases absorption time of nutrients where fibers play a huge role (better energy, strength and muscle optimization). It also gives you more full feeling so you eat less but more effective (3 meals a day currently). Digestion can be even more improved with effective supplementation and intermittent fasting by forcing cells to regenerate faster (everything naturally) and work optimal while also improving hormones secretion. 

Adding berries in your diet is not just awesomely effective for its neuroprotective effects (regeneration) but also tasty and rich in vitamins. Do not forget “the secret weapon” (tea-booster) and also that all the foods are extremely anabolic (Hgh, Test) – must for effective bodybuilding, thus life.


Lastly, there is not much meat in this diet for it is rather expensive if going for quality plus making you more stiff rather than flexible so I use it as a cheat meal, twice a week after gym. If meat then, fish (salmon, tuna) for its good fat/protein ratio and omega acids (very healthy and effective). It also contains less toxins than other types of fishes (sardines good as well).

If you choose to eat less meat also creates less CO2 (more green Earth) but remember then you miss important nutrients like vitamin B (if you follow my eating plan + good vitamins = no worries). 

Now, you know all you need so you can make your own meal and supplements plan but you should already know me a little, especially those who follow me on other medias like instagram @imrehw. I pick what is the most effective and get disciplined – spending max 5 min with preparing food everyday (no time for procrastination).

Lastly, you must realize that weightlifting destroys your body which gives impulse for regeneration and that causes nasty effects, especially when getting to advanced fitness level so the foods are also rich in magnesium and calcium to avoid inflammations and cramps.

Here you go most effective foods and supplements for lean, strong, healthy and productive body covering all the above, therefore,  giving you all the benefits and getting you closer towards your destination. 

Supplements: Creatine, spirulina, chlorella, multivitamin, fish oil, Ginkgo/Ginseng, ashwagandha, maca, guarana, royal jelly and the rest check tea booster “here” (those I use daily)

Veggies: cruciferous veggies (Arugula, spinach, kale, broccoli), beetroot, ginger, garlic, cucumber/tomato

Fruits: Berries (raspberries and blueberries) lemon and banana/orange

Seeds: Hemp, Linen, Chia, Quinoa, Sesame and fenugreek

Ohers: eggs, bacon, Greek yogurt, avocados, brie cheese

Nuts: Peanut butter or walnuts

Next time you find out how much of what and when (food, supplements). 



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