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Why Efficient-Bodybuilding?

Training once or twice a week for one hour is not just fun but also super effective for stepping up your health and fitness competencies by allowing your body to grow stronger and leaner by regenerating and burning fat optimally, thus perform efficiently. Now, you know much about effective training, eating (fat rich diet) and general health (sleeping, timing) but how it really works? 

As we talked lately on Why exercising? The body needs energy to survive and function adequately. To get maximum out of your performance to create maximal health and progressive fitness level we must get a grip on physiology (study about living organisms). This is relevant towards staying far off from illnesses, bad-moods, fatigue, obesity and injury so that, we can accomplish efficient use of all the processes directly contributing to your better, stronger body (also staying consistent thanks to motivation and well-being).

We know that heavy-intense training 74% of 1 RM (3 sets of 10 RM reps, 30s – 60s pauses = strength + conditioning) is only achieved over time by proper regeneration and consecutive raising weights while staying intense (60s) with focus on technique always first. The benefits are great as we lose more fat and stimulate more impulses for muscle growth (more HGH, Test releases). With better development of muscles you develop more strength and energy also leading to more productive life through correct body mechanics (working capacity).

Our body becomes stronger over time but can become better and stronger more effective if we tailor all the inputs effectively (nutrition, oxygen, liquids, exercising, body mechanics). The ideal outcome is training once a week where you achieve strong lean body where other possibilities for advancement are present (other sport activities, training more for different purpose).

To achieve maximal effectivity there must be a hormonal balance meaning we direct everything toward natural creation of growth and testosterone hormone (stronger, leaner, last longer) + other good hormones (endorphins/serotonin/dopamine) – better regeneration, mood and focus, thus consistency. In other words, we create 24/7 laboratory (very anabolic environment) to enhance all the processes for maximal results.

In brief, training heavy (74% of 1 RM)  intense (30-60s) brings about considerably more growth and testosterone than other form of training with exercising covering whole body with focus on strength and mass. It also burns more fat after training session combined with Fat rich diet (LOGI foods, ketogenic diet, paleo diet) will enhance fat regulation and allows better passage for growth and testosterone while keeping insulin level optimal (less fat storage).

After training, the good hormones (endorphins/serotonin/dopamine) are released achieving well-being (positive impact on regeneration). On the other hand, you need less oxygen to perform task and that by improving your cardiovascular health = lifting more while using less oxygen  (food, exercising progression).

It is critical to develop better oxygen utilization and more effective cardiovascular health to fuel your performance and make each repetition count more (muscle,strength,fat-loss). This is only accomplished by proper nutrition and food so that you regenerate well enough. Fat rich diet gives quality energy (9 kcal), releasing more of the good hormones keeping your body saturated and ready.

This is only the diet proven to be very effective you can add more carbs and lower fats when becoming more active and advanced as carbs are also needed for more muscle fatigue and contains fibers. Being aware of effects of heavy-intense training gives ideal base for which nutrition needed the most. 

We need to take care of bones and more muscle fatigue with increased intensity/weights. therefore requirements for Nutrients are significant (inflammation). This is caused by simple rule, the faster you can go (pauses between sets not the contractions), the more muscles you get while also improving cardiovascular health and oxygen utilization.

Speaking of contractions (lifting), 2-1-2 seconds is most widely used as it forces you to concentrate on technique but you can go faster in the end of the set when running out of strengths and it starts to hurt. Personally, I do not find contractions that much relevant but technique, heavy weights and intensity.

Now we can see relation between 3 elements “breathing, bones and blood,” while we also have to consider muscles. So, getting the right nutrition while staying in ketosis (on low carbs diet) will improve your competencies to further support your progression until one day all becomes fun.

The other point is, all these foods can further enhance hormonal balance while other natural supplements can give extra edge. Why is it so important? the more testosterone and growth the more leaner and stronger you get. It is also amazing that, you can forget your genetics if they suck as there is nothing that beats a well-planned precise actions.

Girls should not be scared of lifting heavy and improving their Testosterone levels naturally as they only get very muscular if sick genes or anabolics. Actually, girls should get more serious.

After 5 years of active training and experimenting, I realized that, bodybuilding could be perceived as relation between progressive execution and progressive regeneration where efficient bodybuilding makes clear what is needed towards optimal implementation of both.

In other words, 3 meals a day on fat-rich diet targeting bones, blood and breathing while exercising for 1 hour with 1 min breaks between 3-4 sets with 5 exercises (functional movements) to cover whole body twice a week is enough to start your journey towards effective training, more productive life, better health and strong, lean, muscular physique.



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