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To know what it takes philosophy is your manual towards victory. You should see visible changes in your strength in just 2 weeks after implementing “Big Five exercises” in your training while also developing stronger tissues around your joints (6-8 weeks). This is ideal time frame for mastering correct techniqueAlways prioritize technique over weights/intensity (progression).

After two weeks of exercising you should rather raise the weights (strength) while keeping the same intensity (1 min pauses). If you prefer you can remain the weights and do 45s to 30s pauses instead (conditioning). Eventually, you need to raise weights as your body grows stronger and is needed for achieving your goals effectively. It is different to lift more with same reps number and intensity than lifting less in same procedure.

As a new beginner, starting with 2 sets of 50% and 60% of 1 RM where ideal outcome is to progress to 3 sets, 1 min pause, 74% of 1 RM 10 reps after mastering technique. 

Before doing that you must understand your training goal as this keeps you consistent (progressive).

As a beginner, you can train either for strength, conditioning or do both (most effective – health, lean muscle, strength). The best option is to combine both as it creates not just effective training but also stronger better you (better physical and mental health).

Constant raising of weights while keeping intensity under 60s releases more HGH and Testosterone than any other form of training. In other words, you create natural steroids while also exercising less (twice a week) which is beneficial for your body (homeostasis).

Training for strength is best achieved by 3-4 sets with less reps where conditioning with increasing intensity and reps. To combine both within one hour session is quite challenging if you do not know much about weights function.


Either light or heavy weight, the most important thing is form/technique (slow controlled movements)Doing big five exercises, each 3 sets for strength with 1 minute pauses where the 4th one is drop-set (lowering weight) – more repetitions (conditioning)This was just one example of effective training and progression (advanced).

To find your right weight, find first your RM (maximal repetition). If you can squat 50kg without exhaustion for 12 reps this is 50% of your 1 RM which means ideal drop-set or warming up set.


To achieve muscle hypertrophy (growth), the weights should be considerable. Second and third set must be 60% (beginner) with ideal progression up to 74% of 1 RM (strength). Check the table above. To create muscle growth means more energy and strength in the process.

To achieve effective coordination we must create optimal balance by training whole body in one session by using functional movements performed everyday. If we strengthen those movements with proper technique we achieve very anabolic environment for everyday progression by training all the time if active. Focusing on what is natural gives you effective results.

To get most out of your workout, you think of tunnel concept: “starting and ending each movement in the right position. With increasing intensity of your workouts you find that, your motorics is getting instinctive. This also applies to the skeleton of your training. It must start with effective warm-up and finish with proper stretch.

Training twice a week each session 1h where 3 days rest between is ideal set-up to start with. You should have minimum 2 days rest especially, with progressions (increasing intensity and weights prolongs regeneration).

The other benefit of training strength and conditioning effective is improved health through better oxygen utilization (anaerobic/aerobic), thus better delivery of nutrients into your muscles increasing your force (repetition maximum). The heavier weights and more intense you can perform the better physical health you get (improved working capacity). 

The great thing about these exercises (big five) and set-up (strength, conditioning) is, we also become more productive in everyday life through effective coordination. You can also expand to calisthenics where now need for better coordination for more effective use of your body. There is always progression to come but first we must master the basics otherwise we can become very ineffective (focus on fundamentals and get effective).

The ideal outcome is improved strength (strength) and lean muscles (conditioning) just by training twice a week 🙂 To achieve that you also need effective diet and quality supplements. 



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