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Most Effective Exercises

Are you 100% sure about your exercise choice? I do not know if anyone is but as Mat Fraser (2x most fittest man on Earth) once said: “you must trust in the process.” Anyway, stick to what you do if that works for you. However, looking for the most effective way of exercising, you must work with two terms “coordination” and “balance.” It has been a rough week but I am glad that I found some time for sharing (working on new videos and many other things). 

In brief, coordination is effective use of different body parts where balance is needed to make everything works smooth (efficient). This will help you manage intensity during your workout (30-60s pauses). Creating a training plan is no fun especially, when you do not know what you want, therefore it is my job to simplify things and come up with the most effective fitness for everyone (give you the right start) and all that by understanding complexity.

I can tell you with 100% certainty that, your body is best asset you have and there are probably no boundaries once you set your mind. It takes 6 years to become top elite so why not get started now? you would be surprised how far you can go and all that by starting right.

Why coordination and balance?

You probably have not realized but we all do the same movements everyday (functional movements). We need them for our everyday survival (raising, picking, pulling and pushing). The thing is, some of us do not do it correctly and as it is with everything in life, consistency of right actions bring results but taking it all wrong can damage your life. So, mastering these movements as soon as possible and applying them at gym will make you stronger everyday (because you use them all the time).


You would be surprised, how far you can go once you start on the right track. I have become considerably stronger and managed to add 7 kg of lean muscles just in 4 years of exercising (not a hard gainer)Once you master the technique and start raising the weights, then add intensity (30-60s) you make it all possible just by training twice a week or once depending on your commitment. Why? because you end up lifting more than you weigh with short breaks (huge positive effect on your physique, strength and health)

For those confused, Functional movements/compound/multi-joint and basic exercises is the same thing and can be recognized by using 2 or more muscle groups per one exercise. This is very effective as you allow your body put more stress on it while using more muscles (more mass and strength). This is also advised to start first for its technique complexity and more strength requirements.

As I have started with calisthenics and prepare for competitions I must add more exercises but also do not want to spend at gym longer than needed (my mindset). I must strengthen my Abdominals, hamstrings and arms (isolation exercise) – so I decided to train twice a week. Always start by performing “basic exercises” and once you master the technique you add more load with increasing intensity (intensity always in the end).

Which exercises then?

There must be one exercise for vertical (shoulder press) and horizontal (bench press) pushing, one for pulling (Seated cable row), one for legs (squat) and 2-3 for core body “abdominals, lower back” (pull down, seated cable row, plank).  RULES NOT LAWS!

Focus on big five (Squat, bench press, seated row, pull down and shoulder press) – this covers it whole according to Dr. Doug McGuff in his book “bodybyscience” (well-written) no need for abdominals or three core exercises  (but now I need cause calisthenics and competitions).


You create a nice six pack or flat belly just by eating right (Logi foods), plus you must always tighten your belly while lifting so once again technique, weights and intensity. But you can do “Plank” for abdominals. This is safe (static exercises recommended for beginners) and very effective where using your own weight plus can place some weights on top of your back. I can do with 50 kg for one minute without doing abdominal exercises for 4 years. My goal is at least 80 kg in one minute so I can progress in “big five” exercises as stronger abs will allow you lift more in other exercises.

P.S. Why would I write static exercises best for beginner and we do weight lifting? there are many ways of achieving your goals (remember that). So doing Planks is extremely safe for beginners while adding weights on top of it can be seen as progression.

The exercises below do not only match “must requirements” for anyone starting with bodybuilding but also create a lot of balance, coordination and most effectively stimulate  growth in mass and strength in all big muscle groups. Staring with squats stimulates more TEstosterone then saving it for the last. Cheers!

Straight back always, feet in hips width, knees out, going until your thighs are parallel to the floor.
bench press
Eyes right under the barbell, overhand grip in shoulder breadth, down to chest while breathing in, breathing out when going up (hands extended without overstretching elbows, especially when heavy).
shoulder press
Overhand-grip in shoulder width, straight back (push it to the seat for more strength), lift over your head “slow and controlled” down to chest.
Pull down
Straight back, overhand-grip a bit wider than shoulder width for better back definition take down to the chest.
Seated cable row
Upper body vertical, knees slightly bent, feet pressed to feet platform, take handle, elbows slightly bent bring them back close to your body in controlled movement while pressing chest up. Back always straight.

Next time, I show you how to get most out of it 😉


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