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The Mindset

Life is tough. We cannot change some things or have anything straight away but we can get most out of it anyway.  Everything worthwhile in life takes time and it is all about consistent and progressive actions, and always giving your best. I found myself impatient and overcrastinating but I did survive this quest. If you want to get fit quick, become a smart bodybuilder or just have a lot of anger inside of you or need a hobby worth investing in, I can definitely help you to survive your quest and find your reason by making it easier for you.

First things first, training once or twice a week for one hour is not just safe in terms of regeneration but also rewarding in more free time, thus easier to commit to. It also takes 6-8 weeks for bones and tissues in your joints to grow thick where full muscle regeneration takes min 3 days so training too much can be a bit scary for them.

You can be well-off just by eating 3-4 meals when focusing on quality and covering all your body needs but all of these is more likely easier said than done. Before I share with you all that must be said, you must understand the importance of consistency, progression and always giving your best (work ethic).

Consistency can be only achieved by staying off injuries (using machines exercises, training and eating more effective) and preferably not skipping anything that should have been done (always giving your best). There must be some progression to keep you driven so that you can achieve your goals.

I heard many times that, it is all about discipline not motivation but first there should be some drive. Finding out what you want and most importantly why, then making a decision and committing to it is first step.

Still trying to find out why I am really doing this but when I came to Denmark without parents or any support it made me tougher. After quitting with sport career I could not find any purpose in life, so I just focused more on my studies, then went to Denmark in pursuit of new-self.

All of a sudden, I got started with bodybuilding thanks to my new friends who helped me out I found my drive as I stayed progressive cause this made me not just stronger in mind but also physically which helped me to improve my day-to-day productivity as it is not easy to have full-time studies while also working couple of jobs and lifting.

First,  it was exhausting and ineffective so decision was being made. I committed to more efficient training by filtering obtained information and working on the mindset. Now I train one hour a week while expanding to calisthenics and crossfit. I had no idea I could train less and have the same or comparable results as other natural bodybuilders.

I would like to spread positive energy of bodybuilding and help others reach their goals effectively while constantly progressing and seeing what´s there more to offer and master in life.

I find fear of decision making as the most challenging to overcome but also the most important in moving forward. Hesitation and wrong decisions are bad, therefore making right decision is always must, then it is just about coping with what is to come which makes you tough.

You probably know that, there is a huge information overload and we live hectic lives full of stress at least most of us so I am giving you the right start because that is something I did not have from the start.

When it comes to your reason, I guess we all find out once we stay resilient and overcome our fears. Speaking of fears, I do not like much attention yet I want to help all those desiring either better body, future or health.

When I quit with sport and threw myself into partying a lot, I felt like there is something wrong. All that joy had been lost and I wonder now how far I can go? I want to focus more on people which is why I am doing fitness courses while also going for first competition after so long time 😀 not bdbuilding I like something more challenging “Spartan race.”

so How to build mindset?

Never quit – make the right decisions! 

Invest in your feelings as you must always decide with your heart- if you really want to succeed in life find something that brings joy in your life.

Try also mastering Self-discipline 1 & 2.

Find people who support you or have the same hobbies.

I am sorry to always bring it about but I owe it to motivational channels that is why I made my own program which has almost 500K plays and pretty sure it is about to reach 1000k this year where in two last months 40k plays a month. There are also a good beats to get you pumped during a workout or day 😉


Try other of my platforms found in top or bottom heading of the blog. I have also launched youtube recently but all of these takes so much energy and I just want to workout and have fun 😀

Have a nice progressive weekend!




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