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Food Physiology.

First things first, when you think of your meal plan you must decide on your fitness goals. I want to be as effective as possible in gaining lean muscles, improving overall strength and endurance. If you want to succeed, you must decide what you want with your heart and find what works best for you. My focus is effectivity as my values are health and time, that is why I decided to train, eat and live effectively.

Knowing that, everything in your body is connected on different levels stress the importance of not just focusing on muscles but overall health which improves your working capacity “The total amount of work you can perform, recover from, and adapt positively to,” Thus becoming more effective in training and regeneration which means less training. Working capacity is the most important aspect of training. 

What is healthy eating?

Eating in general, Ditching chlorinated water, chemical food additives and preservatives, antibiotics, processed foods and agricultural chemicals that affect your gut bacterias called “ gut microbioms.” In other words, your diet should revolve around serotonin and melatonin rich foods and be as organic as possible. This affects  gut bacterias positively, thus running your belly and brain efficiently.

The other thing is finding the diet that suits your need best.  You can either go for diet rich in quality Carbohydrates or Fats as this is the main energy source used for your proper body functioning. There are many studies out there stressing the importance of LOGI Foods (low in carbs) where proteins and healthy fats (Unsaturated fats) are dominant.

Ketogenic diet (high fat medium protein low carbs) is not just extremely healthy but also effective in terms of lean muscles and performance as it keeps insulin low, thus releasing more good hormones especially Growth and Testosterone (must in bodybuilding).

Each diet requires inclusion of fruits and veggies for its rich nutrition content and health benefits. One of the most nutrition rich foods are dark green leafy veggies which provides your body with all the vitamins and minerals inevitable for survival. When it comes to fruits, should be organic and keto friendly as they tend to be rich in carbs.

What is must in bodybuilding?

Bodybuilders usually think of macronutrients (Protein, Fats and Carbs). These three are extremely important in right functioning of your body and rebuilding your body after strain. As our focus is efficient bodybuilding we must think more thoroughly and combine what is must and effective while being healthy. 

Macro and micronutrients:  “Macronutrients are nutrients that our bodies need in large amounts to create energy and fuel the activities of every physiological system. Protein, carbohydrates, and fat are the primary macros. Micronutrients are essential to our overall health and wellness. They aid in the production of enzymes, hormones, and proteins that are critical to body and brain function, and help with the regulation of metabolism, heartbeat, and bone density, among other processes.”

Testosterone and growth hormone is inevitable for regeneration and strength optimization, thus resulting in enhanced performance, leaner muscles and better conditioning. These are widely used in bodybuilding industry as anabolics to enhance earlier mentioned competencies and give the edge in competing. I find it very ineffective in terms of health as you get better results faster but for what price? you can focus on natural doping instead.

What is effective training?

When it comes to training, exercising is beneficial to your health only if in right doses. Heavy-intense training is proven to be the best in terms of lean muscle mass and performance. Full Muscle regeneration takes 3-7 days which leaves no reason to train more often than two times a week if not professional. Heavy-intense trainings last longer in regeneration as it puts your body under more stress and depletes more resources needed to be replenished.

Tailoring your meal plan to your training is not an easy task. First of all, we must think of the impact on heavy-intense training on your body. It is more damaging to your body and stimulates more growth (positive changes) in your body. It targets mostly bones and muscles but also improves cardiovascular health and breathing.

You force your body to work with less oxygen which enhance your capacity to work more optimally under more stress which results in maximal effectivity. Being effective leaves more time for regeneration, thus building stronger body optimally and safely.

 The body feels like it is always ready for action during the day (not after gym though as you get extremely tired). We mentioned in right doses which means ideally once or twice a week for max 1h where importance of stretching and warming up is highlighted for ideal setup.


Now we must find a system to target all the above so that, we become stronger, leaner and better while staying healthy and effective. The more we lift and more intense we can go, the more effective results. It is not a big deal all is needed is consistency and you can train twice a week if not so into it and you get all the benefits 🙂

Consistency of right action is the key. You do not need to follow everything religiously but knowing the importance of food is detrimental as diet is always must as bodybuilding is  much about feeding your bodies. Just to lift your spirit, everything in life gets better with hard-work. Now I can enjoy more junk food as my body is used to working on different level. The more you work, the more you get in life.

The foods I am using is perfect balance that includes all the above objectives to be met – just for the record: Keto friendly foods rich in nutrition, protein and fat, serotonin, melatonin foods, cardiovascular, bones, Testosterone and HGH (growth hormone) enhancing foods that also improve strength, performanceendurance and regeneration.

Also using herbs and supplements to enhance testosterone, growth hormone, breathing and all the above where right doses, combination and timing makes it even more effective. 70-80% of products organic or top quality. I have also been experimenting with Intermittent fasting but we have not talked much about that which allows me to digest or absorb more foods during eating time then no eating and more time for optimal regeneration and performance.

Combining all the above made 3 meals a day possible while training only 1h a week where performing also 10,000 – 20,000 steps a day (cardio) – walking in slow moderate pace. This is achieved by Ketogenic diet diminishing hunger by using rich source of fat (9 kcal per 1g) and combining the foods in video gives me all the nutrition and edge I need in achieving constant anabolic state which made training 1h a week and eating 3 meals a week possible while also staying active during a day.  Cheers!


Macro/Micro nutrients:



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