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Maximal Productivity

Importance of sleep in regeneration and right body functioning is detrimental towards achieving maximal productivity and health which directly affects lean muscle, endurance  and strength progression. Once again, it is not the quantity but quality of your sleep that matters most. Neglecting your sleep leads to serious health problems, lethargy and overeating as junk foods craving is spiking (more fat storage).

Setting your days according to body clock “Circadian rhythms” and understanding sleep cycles will improve your day-to-day productivity drastically by being both mentally and physically prepared for the next day. Feeling fresh and strong every morning must be of utmost importance to all, striving for pinnacle or more quality life and effective fitness. 

Your day-to-day productivity, mental and physical health is directly affected by your ability to optimally optimize energy and oxygen which only stress the importance of exercising. However, there is much discussion going on about overtraining. You can train more often if you know the laws  but being effective, we must consider health first where exercising is only beneficial if in right doses.

Training once or twice a week depending on your fitness level leaves optimal time for regeneration, thus faster progression in strength, muscles and work capacity (amount of work performed and recovered from).

The progression can be only achieved by continuous stress on your body where consistency is detrimental factor towards achieving it. Getting most out of your trainings means taking into account, first what you want to achieve and how much are you willing to sacrifice.

Going for Inroad Theory creates ideal conditions for maximal productivity where muscle glycogen storage is more depleted with more calories burnt and your body stays longer in anabolic state right after training where most of the food injections ends up in your muscles, thus improving your strength and endurance if regeneration taken serious. Just to give you a quick tip, 45 minutes after training is most effective time period for eating to refill glycogen in your muscles (quality carbs or fat combined with protein).

Speaking of effective training and eating, it cannot be achieved without proper focus that tires your mind and once again we stress importance of sleep to fully recover your mind. It is especially needed when your fitness level is becoming advanced as you need to be more physically and mentally prepared for only one gym visit which is heavy and intense. Your task is obviously get most out of this one visit.

Mastering right body mechanics enables us to perform optimally so that, we get most out of one or two visits at gym and stay out of injury.  This should be easily applied in everyday activities as we focus on functional movements that are most effective in terms of strength and muscle gains. It is also more safe to do something you do everyday rather than trying something new. When starting to feel more confident you can add more exercises but that again depends on your goals and sacrifices you are willing to undertake.

Using supplements or foods that increase your testosterone or estrogen levels depending on what you need to accomplish will give your body leaner or bulky look. Concentrating on productivity, combining testosterone rich  with anti-estrogen rich foods not just increase the performance and endurance but also give leaner muscle mass. It is relevant to keep in mind that, there is certain dosage that cannot be overstepped and quality of the substances as low-quality products turn contra-productive.

Using bio or eco labelled products is a sure and safe way towards effectivity. Women do not need to be afraid of improving their testosterone level as they normally have tenth of the amount man has but hormonal balance is very sensitive topic as we also focus on Growth hormone relevant for regeneration, thus muscle and strength enhancement.

You can start easily by using my secret weapon which attacks all body functions relevant towards achieving more productive days and trainings. It also enhances good hormones production (Growth and Testosterone).

You do not need to follow each step religiously but being aware of it gives you an idea how to lead your days and progress at gym optimally. There are great books on the market about natural doping and power foods which set your productivity bar higher. Thanks to these great books which are unfortunately in German, I am currently eating 3-4 meals a day while being very active as I am getting bored at gym and got started with new things which you will see soon on my youtube channel. Luckily, there is one more book in English that I have been through which set your sleep right and improve your hormonal balance with food, thus more effectivity in your days!

Anyway, I would like to let you in on one thing as I have kept myself busy. I am currently doing cold-bathing as I find it more effective than cold showers. Just in short, it relaxes your mind and improves your regeneration as I am forced to train more often not necessarily gym as I still keep training once a week but thinking of splitting it into two days as I focus more on strength due to more advanced activities I am willing to embark on. Cheers!


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