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Why exercising?

If someone would have asked me this question before I got started, I would say “why not” which is more likely the same for most of us. Now, I can say “it is a lifestyle I cannot give upon” as the benefits are clear.

Understanding that, everything in your body is connected on different levels and exercising is very beneficial for your health, if in right doses, gave an incentive for more efficient bodybuilding.

Setting all the body processes to work for your fitness and health goals brings more effectivity and more energy into your life. Everything worthwhile and lasting takes time and dedication. The stronger your body gets, the more you can do by doing less. It is all up to you how far you are willing to go.

Focusing on health is as much relevant as focusing on exercising. Your body works 24/7 to keep everything working and understanding its processes leads to better quality of life which results in more positivity. To keep inner processes going smooth, you need to receive and dispose of energy optimally. To know what is optimal for your body differs depending on your goals and your body type. However, not burning or recieving your energy ideally leads to various health problems.

For example, it is proven that exercising improves insulin sensitivity which prevents life-long disease “diabetes,” Therefore, it is important to know: How your body handles glucose, a kind of sugar, in your blood (energy). Although, the improved insulin sensitivity after glycogen depleting exercise may not have evolved to improve regulation of blood glucose, such effect of exercise may be the mechanism that protect humans from developing type 2 diabetes in the modern society.

Muscles are your energy source that protect and keep you alive. The more of lean muscles you build, the more energy (glucose) you can utilize effectively. You can enjoy big caloric foods and more active life as you survive longer and better with stronger body. Exercising has also positive effect on longer life and serves as prevention for colorectal cancer (bowel cancer), heart and metabolic diseases.

Muscles are made mostly of water 80% where 70% is glycogen which comes from glucose in your blood cells. Carbohydrates provide direct form of energy in form of glucose which is further turned into glycogen stored in muscles. If you have a caloric surplus your body will store excessive energy in form of fats. Carbohydrates must be healthy ones or otherwise could be substituted for richer and more effective source of energy fats which decrease hunger and prevent overeating (more lean muscles)

The point is that, human health is determined by its capacity to utilize energy and oxygen effectively. Exercising is probably the easiest way to deplete muscle storage and lose excessive fat. Doing so prevents obesity related diseases and improve cardiovascular health. In the modern society, abundant food and inactivity are large challenges for human, and metabolic diseases related to obesity.

Energy and oxygen consumption at rest is low; typically 0.25l of oxygen and 0,1 g of carbohydrates (carbs) per one minute. Both processes could be drastically improved while resting and exercising which brings more productivity even when resting. The question is not, why not to exercise but how to do it effectively as this keeps you more likely to continue and  improve your quality of life. (try ketogenic diet & intense training for effectivity).

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In 2005, CNN broadcasted exciting news about intense trainings where according to McMaster University in Canada: six minutes of intense training has the same positive effects on health as 1h of training in moderate tempo. Another research in Journal of applied Physiology proved that intense training leads to exciting changes both in muscle mass and endurance (cardiovascular health) where you increase both energy consumption and oxygen uptake.

There are clearly many ways toward achieving your vision/goal but you choose which path you take and it does not always need to be tough but staying consistent might turn hard. Mindset is very important part of any winning process. If you look for ways “how not” instead “yes you may” it is probably not for you. Once, you start being positive and start digging and practicing you realize, there are many ways. I choose to be efficient because I prefer quality over quantity as I value time and health.

If you have the same values and share the same passion for exercising and health, you might consider reading some quality books starting with Body by science. You will learn everything about effective bodybuilding and learn to make your own training plan tailored to your age and needs. I have been through many books in my life but then, there are those books that makes everything works and simple.

I believe that, fitness industry is about to change as everything does with time. When Dorian Yates won 6 Mr.Olympia titles in a row with his high-intense heavy workouts to create incredible mass and definition and not training so often everyone was shocked.

I also find that, there is a huge information overload and misinformation going on. Therefore,  it is my task is to bring more quality and positivity into your lives by effective solutions.  The great thing about the book is current discount of 27% which surely won´t last long as fitness related things turn to be discounted in the beginning of each new year.


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