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Very important part of bodybuilding as it brings gains and with more muscles more power that brings ability to get most out of your training and life. Progression is not achievable without proper full-body recovery. So, how to achieve it?

There are many ways how to assist cells rebuilding their further potential. If you are just beginning, the food, sleep and water consumption will be the most important aspect to optimize effective recovery phase. The other way around is to stay active as you already know relieving stiff joints lead to more efficient nutrition flow. The other, are more complex, believe me ūüėÄ

Speaking first of food, we must understand the diet we choose to adhere to. Being in constant ketosis allows me to keep insulin low thus, burning fat faster but also improving performance through richer source of energy “fat”. Keeping insulin low enables better passage for good hormones in your blood cells which brings more effective regeneration capacities through increased release of Testosterone and Growth hormone.

Delivering quality nutrition fast is the main point of recovery, where Testosterone and Growth hormone take big part in it. Lower insulin-index is one thing achieved by ketogenic diet but could be further improved by bringing effective foods (rich in nutrition but also stimulating good hormones) that match ketogenic macros “75-80 15-20 5-10” for fats, protein and carbs. However, your body also needs carbs reloading day or days (if more advanced level or active life). Raising carbs from 50g to 100g will still keep your body in ketosis, however split it throughout the day not much carbs before bed.

The best way to take advantage of food and exercising is to promote more active life as your body will naturally  move more and feel better. Being active requires more energy which you possess and by burning it you improve your performance competencies if effective recovery achieved. Being active does not necessarily need to be challenging, it could be house chores or walking as long as you do not spend whole day sitting.

Applying correct body mechanics from previous blog will enhance the safety and efficiency of your mobility outside and inside of gym.  If you apply this movements in your daily life you increase your day-to-day productivity by improved range of motion but also decrease injury potential as you make it natural to move and flex correctly. This does not cost you money or time just make you stronger and healthier while doing your daily chores.

This is relatively easy to achieve over short-time period if procedure followed due to its effectiveness. Understanding how to use and regenerate your body  is detrimental step toward unlocking its full potential. Ketogenic diet is only one step toward efficiency.

Other methods are more advanced because requires more time and energy like cold-showers/bathing, breathing methods,  massage, more active stretching etc. Their positive effects are tremendous. Achieving faster recovery enables me to train once a week while having new hobbies (street-workout and calisthenics).

Bringing more blood with nutrition into your muscles  is achieved by ketogenic diet and power foods but can be also enhanced by cold-showers as it draws blood back in muscles not leaving in skin like warm/hot showers. Active stretching is the same principle through relieved joints improved blood flow but also improve range of motion through better flexibility.

As to breathing, there are certain techniques that relaxes your mind which promotes positive hormones keeping your body anabolic through creation of regeneration friendly environment through release of testosterone but also enhance your fitness level through holding breaths.

I believe that, bodybuilding is much more than muscles but understanding how your body works optimally tow√°rds achieving more effective gym sessions and rest periods. Now, I am thinking of how to use excessive energy efficiently so I am working on more advanced exercises through improved flexibility and mobility competencies supported by constantly progressive strength and power level.

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