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How to start smart.

Bodybuilding in general is much about regeneration and exercising and how to get most out of these two phases. Training twice a week if beginner or once a week when advanced is all about effective exercising and regeneration as it takes longer to recover after heavy-intense impulses. Getting most out of these phases, we must understand that in your body everything is connected on many levels which makes prioritizing health more relevant in unlocking your full potential. The healthier you get, the more productive your efforts become.

First half of the year is most important in terms of muscular development as your body is getting challenged like never got before (also right nutrition and rest needed). This is also a period when you advance the fastest if correct mastering of breathing and mobility techniques to prevent injuries and improve strength and performance. Mastering these techniques will also improve effectivity of your workout where correct movements and breathing enhance quality of the workout through reduction of time and strength increase.

The good thing about bodybuilding is that, you transform positive habits into your life. Learning correct breathing and mobility will also affect your day-to-day productivity thus, personal health and regeneration. The longer you train the more of the good will reflect into your lifestyle. Getting enough oxygen is relevant for achieving better pump and do more reps to stimulate optimal growth processes in your body. Implementing the correct mobility with proper warm-ups and stretching will improve the circulation of nutrition and relieve the joints to increase productivity of lifting where oxygen also assists.

The premise of the tunnel concept is this: You have to start a movement (enter the tunnel) in a good position in order to finish the movement (exit the tunnel) in a good position. The tunnel concept forces you to begin your movement assessment at your start position and make sure that you are setting up correctly.

The body archetypes represent the stable positions for the hips and shoulders and encompass the entire range of motion for most shoulder and hip movements which functional movements (compound/multi-joint exercises) are much about.



When correcting a movement fault, always prioritize technique (motor control) first by correcting your position. If you are unable to assume a stable position because you’re missing range of motion, address your mobility by targeting the areas that are restricting your movement.



It is also important to keep your spine in braced neutral position. Organizing your spine in a braced neutral position means that your ears are aligned over your shoulders, your ribcage is balanced over your pelvis, and you’re engaging the musculature of your trunk to stabilize (brace) the position. A braced neutral spine is the base position for most movements. It is the most utilitarian position for the spine because it allows you to handle load safely and transmit force efficiently.

People typically default into mechanically unstable spinal positions for not learning correct techniques of mobility. Training effective is thus, less injury-prone when not doing too many exercises more times a week where focus might be decreased as we all default in bad position from time to time. Doing less is better for focus rather than exercising more often as you are not always focused or feeling like training.

Speaking of breathing,  to create a braced neutral spinal position you breathe in through your diaphragm (belly) and then engage your abs as you exhale.

Now, it’s important to understand that if you’re bracing correctly—with your belly tight and your spine neutral—you won’t need to put conscious effort into breathing through your diaphragm. It’s a self-regulating system. Breathing through your diaphragm is the most effective way to preserve a stable position, plain and simple.

When applying breathing at gym, exhaling when you lift and inhaling when you lower or in other words, you exhale when completing rep. This will load your muscles with energy prior to lifting. However, deep deeply and tighten your belly to support your safety. A strategic breath-hold early in a motion helps you keep steady and direct your power optimally.

In the end, as promised giving away free books on daily self-discipline  and correct mobility, exercising and breathing (very nice written) to get you on the right track. I hope you find it helpful and wish you all the best in new year 🙂


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