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Exercising either on top or recreational level, drop-set is detrimental factor towards achieving better definition and muscle growth. It is safe to implement and improves your endurance competencies.

An exercise technique where you perform drop (reduce weight) and continue doing reps until you reach failure. There is almost no break after dropping the weight (just to switch weights). It was discovered in 1947 by Henri Atkins. I personally think, it is best technique out there for definition and muscle growth if implemented right (pre/post workout meal, type of training choice).

The point is to achieve optimal pump effect by caring more nutrition through blood vessels into your muscles where nitric oxide is being released to promote the process. The crucial role plays arginine, citrulline and quality foods.  However, we only stress the importance of drop-sets and their beneficial role in your fitness plan.

Applying drop-sets when training twice a week (for 1 hour), work best with cutting.  When training only once a week (1 hour), the drop-set is fundamental factor towards achieving your fitness goals. You cannot stimulate all muscles growth solely by focusing on lifting heavy. Having in mind, work-out lasts 1h, we must bring about some productivity by destroying muscles quick and effectively.

Finishing your exercise with drop-set especially, right after the heaviest sets, bring better pump and ideally empties out muscle glycogen stores. I must stress, this is an advanced technique as you put your body under continuous stress. I recommend concentrating on continuous increasing of weights, then working with intensity and lastly drop-sets if starting.

It is ideal for those with slow-twitched muscle groups as they are not very strength types. The number of reps differ, however the failure must be met and weights should be considerably lower. The best way around to avoid injuries is to find a weight you can do at least 10 reps after dropping the heavy weight.

My current training plan is targeting improved strength level while maintaining endurance and physique thanks to drop-sets. I focus primarily on functional moves inspired by “big five” as I believe it brings well-developed overall physique and strength. I apply only 3 sets as it is better time management where each set differs in weights and number of reps as each has its own unique role in achieving my fitness goals.

As you might guess, the second set is the heaviest one followed by drop-set, finishing the work of stimulating more growth and better performance.  In the end, I want to underline the relevance of music in drop-sets. We have only discussed its focus attributes. Music with 120 to 140 bpm beats per minute helps overcoming pains and promotes better performance (Asian Journal of sports medicine, 2012). I have my ear plug under the hoodie 😀




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