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Heavy-intense compound/multi-joint.

Being natural bodybuilder means prioritizing quality of workouts rather than quantity where efficient solutions are the sweet spots for advancement. Exercising is beneficial to your health by improving mental and physical health, only if in right doses. Full muscle regeneration takes 3-7 days and we want to achieve maximal productivity so that, we get most out of our training. The question is how to set up an effective workout?

We have talked earlier about “big five” which cover pretty much most of functional movements. In other words, the movements your body needs for everyday survival. If you focus on them, I guarantee you see more day-to-day productivity if eating right. More muscles, more mitochondria, thus more energy and strengths.

Considering functional movements is also more muscle engaging when practising multi-joint/compound exercises. It puts your body under more stress when engaging more muscle groups. As a result, you grow more in strength and mass. However, I would not neglect importance of isolation exercises but if your fitness level cannot handle “big-five,” in 30 minutes  (3-4 sets each), I would definitely not add isolation in your plan.

The most time-efficient and productive exercise is based on high-intensity training (H.I.T). This can be best explained in Inroad theory. Inroad theory is about momentary weakening of your muscle. For achieving Inroad state in your sets, intensity and heavy weights are must.

Long breaks allow muscle to recover quick where short-breaks depletes more glycogen -from muscles, thus tires faster. Training less can be only achieved by lifting heavy enough (75-80% of your strength level) to reach Inroad where your strength is considerably lower compared to weights.


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In the figure nr 1.1. you can see 4 stages of strength reductions (blue) where red is heavy weight. You start with 100% strength where weights (80% of your strength level) are easy to handle. Then, you start noticing strength reductions and burning in muscles until you get to the point your muscle is about failure.  After set like this, your strengths level should sink to 60% of your strength level. You progress your fitness level either by consistent raising weights or increasing intensity or both. One day, you find yourself lifting heavy all session and feeling hard but good.

In the figure nr. 1.2. you can see the benefits of Inroad on our health and body rebuilding processes. The more intense muscles can train the better stimulus for cardiovascular and respiratory health. It also stimulates better flow of nutrition and promote stronger bones and muscle mass. Sorry for German text.

The heavy-intense training should not last more than 40min as it is more energy and strength depleting. It might seem hard to survive this session but it is once or twice a week only 1h with stretching and warming up. With the right food and consistency you actually start enjoying it.


Inroad theory
functional movements and big five
Dough Mcguff (2014). Body by Science: A Research Based Program for Strength Training , Bodybuilding, and Complete Fitness in 12 Minutes a Week (NTC Sport/Fitness). McGraw-Hill Education, England.

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