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Training effective is matter of concentration where we spend most of the time outside of gym. Staying focused during your training is another deal. We have already talked much on self-discipline and mental training that mostly helps outside of gym but how can we stay focused while training heavy-intense and make sure that we get most out of training? 

The best way around is to choose a free day so that, you can prepare your mind ideally for gym session. On the other hand, being well-rested and free of stress where minimal physical or mental challenge imposed, keeps your body and mind in more manageable condition for a huge stress at gym. I always start days by doing simple tasks and then move to more complex and I feel great for having such a productive day. Do something easy, relaxing that promotes positive thinking by accomplishing small task as much as possible before you head for gym.

We must understand that, preparing your mind starts before hitting the gym. That way we are more likely to concentrate on weights where we only need to endorse that focused mind. It is what you think of when you enter the premises and I cannot think of anything just being better than last time so I focus much on the weights. This is actually the only place I am not thinking much which is rather sad because I train so little 😀

  23847065_1686233914749602_1251987924_oIt is scientifically proven that good music choice helps before and during training by improved emotion regulation, increased work ethic and performance (Karageorghis & Priest, 2012; Loizou & Karageroghis, 2015). I regularly listen to bodybuilding motivation on youtube or soundcloud as it is not just educational, inspiring but also keeps you intense while at gym. You do not get chance every day to listen to winners within the field who are expert at mental toughness. I often find some lines that affect me completely. However, do not take everything for granted, most of them are anabolic users where promoting ideas of completely destroying muscles by training  much and long is not for the naturals.

Focused mind is extremely important as it will decide how fast you can progress and how far from injuries you stay as you also need to execute the right technique of exercising and reps. Speaking of reps, using positive number of reps (ideally 10-20) and setting up your plan around  “big five exercises” will ease the burden of overthinking your training.

The other useful thing is food and water consumption. Eating every 2-3h and drinking before and after meals will take more worries off your mind. Not eating 2-3h before gym where drinking 0,5l 1h before gym improves much of the processes happening inside the body where body uses energy on performance rather on digesting food.  Eating the right pre/after-workout meals can further optimize strength and performance competencies.

There are also mood-boosting foods found in references that are keto acceptable (low carb) but also very essential for healthy lifestyle. They are also good for hormonal balance. The point is not just be positive but feel strong so your mind is free of worries. It is much about the mind-muscle connection where everything you do is achieved by visualization. I really suggest listening to gym motivational stuffs as it transforms your mind into goal-oriented.


Positive thinking foods:
Big five exercises:
mental toughness
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