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5 Rules for Effective Training.

When I had started hitting gym and made friends there, I noticed there is a huge misconception in gym communities. I worked my ass off sometimes even twice in a day. I ate too many calories, and used too many supplements even pre-workouts. I thought the same thing as others did. We train hard and long 3-5 times a week, eat much protein and carbs, then all kinds of supplements and sleep well.  I am not saying this does not work in the long-term if you stay consistent and progressive but not for everyone and for what price?

Since, I have moved to Denmark and started my studies here while having couple of jobs and people to hang out with, I simply knew there is something wrong and I needed to be more effective. So, I decided to become efficient while staying natural. It is a way harder to achieve considerable results while being natural and have a busy schedules so I hope these 5 rules help everyone as exercising is hormetic stressor which is very beneficial for our health if in right doses (full muscle regeneration 3-7 days, training long stimulates muscle breakdown – not for everyone though).


You should be focused everyday as each day affects your maximal performance level. The more fresh and focused you enter gym premises the more progressive you get. I never think much at gym but it was hard from the start so definitely more stress-free life and good music choice will help.

I listen to all the exercise motivational stuffs on youtube but now on soundcloud as I can lock the screen and focus on the workout. I also have started recently using small wireless ears plug as earphones proved to be limiting the movement range and hindering exercise. The other tip is to choose the days when rested well and feeling like training so that, you can be focused.


Extremely important! must be part of each training, however, there are many types of stretching. Therefore, it is vital to know which one serves best for heavy-intense training. It is extremely important to invest your time in stretching routine as it affects your performance, strength, recovery even avoid injuries.  I made it into daily routine and perform a few times during a day.

Compound/multi-joint exercises

There is no more effective way to gain muscles and strength than targeting more muscle groups per one exercise. This puts your body under tremendous stress which stimulates better gains and strength through forcing your body use more muscles, thus lift more and no-time waste like when doing isolation exercises.


There are two muscle fibers that affect how we train and how we progress as well as two ways of building muscles through constant raising weights and pump. The main point is to achieve better pump while targeting your strengths and weaknesses to constantly push over them. That way, you achieve better endurance and muscle growth. Lifting very light weights in the end of exercise right after dropping the heavy one and focusing on pump by going through pain (around 15-20 reps).

Heavy and intense

Training heavy and intense is becoming more popular as it is scientifically proven to stimulate best gains and improve cardiovascular health relevant for each athlete so that, they perform well over long periods of time and stay healthy. It is also the best way of approaching extreme fat-loss. When cutting, the focus should go more on food and intensity and lowering weights, no need to worry.

You might not strive for being a professional bodybuilder but you can develop mental toughness and improve your health and life quality through active exercising (consistent, progressive). If you are interested you can train even less than one hour a week by focusing on big five exercises (pulldown, bench press, leg press, shoulder press, seated cable row) and doing 3 sets per exercise. I recommend a great books in references for everyone striving for efficient workout.


Dough Mcguff (2014). Body by Science: A Research Based Program for Strength Training , Bodybuilding, and Complete Fitness in 12 Minutes a Week (NTC Sport/Fitness). McGraw-Hill Education, England.
Brad Walker (2013). The Ultimate Guide to Stretching & Flexibility. For all ages, all sports and all fitness levels. Injury fix and the stretching institute, New York.

check big 5 here

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